Community of the Gospel Commemorates Founding

The Community of the Gospel
Posted Mar 29, 2021

The Community of the Gospel (CG), a non-residential monastic community in standing with The Episcopal Church, commemorated its 14th anniversary virtually on Community of the Gospel Day, March 27, with prayer, teaching, and fellowship. The Community of the Gospel was founded in 2007 by a handful of Episcopalians.

The CG’s founder, Br. Daniel-Joseph Schroeder, CG, of Waupaca, WI, lectured on the originating vision and early history of the CG. Schroeder stressed that he desired to create a vibrant monastic community guided by core Gospel values, especially love as a way of life, and the inner journey towards the true self. Members of the community promise to continue in their baptismal vows through the charism of prayer, study, and service.

Now retired, Br. Daniel-Joseph spent most of his secular career in the financial services industry, serving in various capacities in human resources, adult education, quality assurance, product development, and computer programming. He and his wife, Mary, are members of Beloved Community Episcopal Church in Stevens Point, WI.

The CG’s Bishop Visitor, the Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows of the Diocese of Indianapolis, greeted 31 event participants. She highlighted the faithful growth and high engagement of its members over the past year. Other greetings were from the Rt. Rev. Laish Zane Boyd of the Anglican Church of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Island; and from the Transfiguration Spirituality Center, Glendale, OH.

A  Community of the Gospel Day guest, the Rev. Kate Wilson of Indianapolis, IN, commented afterward on how ancient monastic expression is renewed in our times: “When I think about the founding of a religious community, my mind goes to the Middle Ages or at least the 17th century, when many orders were formed … but the Community of the Gospel is young, carrying and living the Gospel for just 14 years now. Their history was fascinating as the Guardian Founder Br. Daniel-Joseph spoke and illustrated it. They are a lively, growing group and I was so pleased to be included in their celebration.”

A guided practice of gratitude was led by Br. Thomas Schumacher, CG. Br. Thomas was  involved in the CG at its inception as a Friend of the Community and later as a professed member. He is a public school teacher in Akron, OH, and has practiced yoga for many years.

The Community of the Gospel is made up of men and women, single and married, lay and ordained, most of whom are associated with the worldwide Anglican Communion. Currently, there are nineteen professed members plus ten novices and postulants in the United States and the Bahamas. An additional group of twenty-four “Friends of the CG” accompany and support the CG with prayer, finances, and occasional service. The Guardian of the Community is Br. Daniel-Chad Hoffman, CG, of Indianapolis.