CircuOsity. 21 – Beatitudes Podcast

The Revs Jim (Strader) & Howell Sasser
Posted Aug 25, 2021

Jim Strader-Sasser – the Priest in Charge @ Saint Paul’s Bloomsburg & Christ Memorial Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania  and The Rev. Dr. Howell Sasser Jr., the Rector of Saint Thomas Episcopal Church – Newark of the Episcopal Church in Delaware  are delighted to announce the launch of their podcast – CircuOsity.21

What does CircuOsity mean and why might you care? You’ll have to listen (on Podbean or wherever you receive your podcasts. The podcast will also be viewable (on Christ Memorial’s YouTube page) the podcast later this week.

The Rev. Strader-Sasser says that  CircuOsity.21 is a podcast grounded in Anglican Spirituality, Christian Formation, and Circle Way practices. The priestly pair is producing a dynamic series – The Beatitudes for The 21st Century – Conversations of Blessings. The series begins with the priests’ introductory talk on August 27th.  Participants will learn more about the reason that Howell and Jim brought the podcast series into being along with a content overview of the autumn series. There are 11 episodes scheduled from early in September to mid-November.

On September 10th – Matthean and New Testament scholar Amy Jill (AJ) Levine joins the podcast to share her wisdom about Matthew’s Gospel in its own historical context and contemporary times. Levine, the University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies, Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies, and  Professor of New Testament Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School offers a joyously brilliant definitions for the term blessing and its meaning(s) for today. She will engage participants in Jesus’ and his beatitudes’ foundational Jewish understand as well as how we should enact the beatitudes today.

Thereafter, scholars, priests, bishops from across The Episcopal Church appears to discuss each of the Matthean Beatitudes  Guests include:

Andrew McGowan -Dean and President of Berkeley Divinity School and McFaddin Professor of Anglican Studies and Pastoral Theology.

Mark Harris – former director of overseas missionaries for the Episcopal Church and author of the popular Episcopal blog, Preludium.

and Audrey Scanlan – 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

The entire guest lineup along with information for each episode is available at the Podcast Series’ webpage. (Beatitudes.Online Podcast Series –

You can learn more by emailing CircuOsity exists to bring better understand and praxis for Spiritual Seekers and Cradle Episcopalians alike.