Cincinnati Church raises $150k for Local Food and Clothing Pantry

Indian Hill Episcopal-Presbyterian Church
Posted Nov 5, 2022

The Indian Hill Church, an Episcopal-Presbyterian dual-denominational church, as viewed from the front lawn. On November 11th, the church will be giving a $150k gift to a local food pantry.

Indian Hill Episcopal-Presbyterian Church, located in the city of Cincinnati in Southwest Ohio, is both proud and grateful to be able to present a $150,000 gift to Inter Parish Ministry (IPM), a food and clothing pantry that has been serving the Cincinnati area and working to fight against poverty and food insecurity since 1964. The money from the check will be used to help IPM achieve some of its goals, such as refrigerating their mobile food pantries.

The check will be presented to IPM on the evening of November 11th, when the Indian Hill Church will be celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary with a party and fundraiser. The party, which is free to attend and runs from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in the church’s guild hall, is open to all members of the Cincinnati community regardless of their affiliation with the church. Other aspects of the gathering will be food and drinks, live music by local band The Faux Frenchmen, and a silent auction and raffle to help raise money for the church to continue supporting programs and charities that it cares about.

The Indian Hill Episcopal-Presbyterian Church, founded in November 1947, is the only dual-denomination church of its kind in the United States. It is located at 6000 Drake Rd. in Cincinnati, Ohio, nestled between the Indian Hill Elementary School and Redbird Hollow, an Ohio Natural Landmark and hiking trail.