Church Publishing to offer eHymnals in tablet editions

Posted Feb 29, 2012

[Church Publishing Incorporated] Among the first denominational publishers to offer authorized eHymnals, Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI), is launching Episcopal Church hymnals and songbooks as digital editions for iPad® tablet readers.

Following significant testing, the first of these new products is intended to work with any digital reader that supports the ePub standard. Five of the new Church Publishing products were successfully uploaded to the Apple iBookstore in mid-February and are now available for iPads and other digital readers. Additional volumes plus Google eBook versions are expected to follow shortly. Thus far, the eHymnals (below, with manufacturer’s suggested retail prices) include:

  • The Hymnal 1982, ISBN: 978-0-89869-683-7, $17.99
  • Lift Every Voice and Sing 2, An African American Hymnal, Pew Edition, ISBN: 978-0-89869-860-2 , $17.99
  • Voices Found, Women in the Church’s Song, Pew Edition, ISBN: 978-0-89869-733-9, $14.99
  • Enriching Our Music 1, ISBN: 978-0-89869-755-1, $14.99
  • Enriching Our Music 2, ISBN: 978-0-89869-761-2, $14.99

And coming soon;
Wonder, Love, and Praise, A Supplement to The Hymnal 1982, Pew Edition, ISBN: 978-0-89869-704-9, $16.00

Among the functionality highlights of each of the new e-products are high-resolution images of all available hymns; a fully integrated table of contents complemented by complete hyperlinked index; plus fully searchable content by author, tune name, and title.

“Electronic books are becoming fully integrated now within the Church, so we’re meeting the needs of our customers with a variety of digital products,” said CPI’s Davis Perkins, Publisher. “In addition to an already significant assortment of web-based resources, including our RiteSeries Online, plus hundreds of CPI titles available as Kindle, Nook, and Google eBooks editions, the eHymnals demonstrate our commitment to delivering important content for the Church via every available channel.”

“The eHymnals are intended to be faithful renditions of the printed pew editions,” said Br. Karekin Yarian, CPI’s project manager – eProducts. “These ebooks are graphics intensive, containing the musical settings for each piece of music in the print edition.

“However, it is important to note that these are pew editions of the hymnals, not accompaniment or leader’s guide editions, which we hope to launch at a later date. Similarly, these new eBooks offer NO audio recordings. The new products are digital editions, similar to conventionally printed editions, but they’re easier to transport, and quite simple to navigate.”

The new eHymnals are now available through the Apple iBookstore. Hundreds of CPI eBook titles are also currently available from a variety of sources, including the Kindle Store, Nook Store, Google EBooks Store, and Apple iBookstore.

“We hope our customers will enjoy having access to these hymnbooks in portable electronic formats and that they will embrace all of the latest electronic offerings from CPI,” added Br. Karekin.

Founded in 1918 and headquartered in New York City, Church Publishing, Inc. is the publisher of official worship materials, books, and music for the Episcopal Church, plus a multi-faceted publisher and supplier to the broader ecumenical marketplace. Publishing imprints include Church Publishing, Morehouse Publishing, and Seabury Books. Additional CPI divisions include Morehouse Church Supplies, a provider of church supplies and clergy shirts; and Morehouse Education Resources, which produces lectionary-based curriculum, faith formation programs, plus e-publishing resources and services.