Church Pension Group to host webinar on retirement readiness of lay employees of the Episcopal Church

Church Pension Group
Posted May 23, 2019

The Church Pension Group (CPG), a financial services organization that serves the Episcopal Church, today announced that it will host a webinar to discuss insights from its research on Episcopal Church lay employee retirement readiness.

The webinar, Understanding Lay Retirement Readiness, will take place on Thursday, May 30, 2019, at 3:30PM ET, and will be hosted by CPG’s Dr. Matthew Price, Senior Vice President, Research & Data; Anne Hurst, Assistant Manager, Research & Data; and Grace Longo, Financial Education Specialist, Education & Wellness. Individuals can register for the webinar at

“This year marks the tenth anniversary of the creation of the Lay Employee Pension System as established by General Convention Resolution 2009-A138,” said Dr. Price. “Ninety percent of Episcopal employers now offer lay employees retirement benefits, and assets in CPG’s retirement savings plans for lay employees have increased by more than 200%. Yet, despite these positive outcomes, many lay employees remain uneasy about the prospect of their retirement. The upcoming webinar is an opportunity to share what we have learned and to hear concerns from around the Church.”

CPG offers a variety of tools and resources that are designed to help lay employees prepare for retirement, among them:

  • One-on-one financial education discussions – Lay employees can schedule a complimentary discussion with a financial education specialist to review their retirement needs and goals, understand their benefit choices, and develop a financial plan.
  • PlanAhead for Retirement® Calculator – This online retirement planning tool for lay employees who participate in either The Episcopal Church Lay Employees’ Retirement Plan or The Episcopal Church Lay Employees’ Defined Contribution Retirement Plan, projects retirement income needs, estimates the percentage of needs covered, and allows individuals to revise their plan.
  • eLearning Library – This online learning center offers a wealth of information on financial planning and education topics.

In addition, Fidelity Investments, the recordkeeper for CPG’s defined contribution plan, offers other financial preparedness resources, such as these:

  • NetBenefits Library – This online library offers a range of resources including calculators and tools, videos, and articles.
  • Fidelity’s Event Registration System – These complimentary online workshops cover a variety of topics, including college planning, budgeting, and retirement. Events are offered daily and on-demand, and individuals can attend one workshop or several—the choice is theirs.
  • Budget Check-up – Individuals can view how their actual savings and spending compares with Fidelity’s guidelines.
  • Emergency Fund Tips – This online resource offers a short video to learn three helpful points about starting and maintaining an emergency fund.

About The Church Pension Group
The Church Pension Group (CPG) is a financial services organization that serves the Episcopal Church. It maintains three lines of business—employee benefits, property and casualty insurance, and publishing. CPG provides retirement, health, life insurance, and related benefits for clergy and lay employees of the Episcopal Church, as well as property and casualty insurance, and book and music publishing, including the official worship materials of the Church. Follow CPG on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.