BUSTH Announces New Anglican-Episcopal Studies Certificate

Boston University School of Theology
Posted Jul 20, 2021

Boston University School of Theology (BUSTH) is pleased to announce the approval of a new Certificate in Anglican-Episcopal Studies. The certificate program was designed to prepare students for life and work in the Anglican and Episcopal traditions, though it is open to any interested student. The certificate can be earned in conjunction with degree program requirements at BUSTH, or as a stand-alone certificate.

“The new certificate in Anglican-Episcopal Studies signals STH’s commitment to building a robust program of study and formation in the history, theology, polity, spirituality, and liturgy of Anglican and Episcopal faith traditions,” says Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Bryan Stone. “These expanded academic offerings will complement our Anglican-Episcopal Community of Learning, and will be a tremendous resource for us all.”

To earn the certificate, students must take four courses from the approved list, which includes courses such as History of the Episcopal Church, Book of Common Prayer, Dismantling White Privilege, and Worship in the Anglican and Wesleyan Traditions. An additional two semesters of Anglican Formation are required to complete the certificate.

Certificate Information