Book: Being There

By Peter Keese / Foreword by Michael B. Curry
Posted Mar 1, 2022

Being There may be ordered here.

Here are stories about real people — student chaplains and their supervisor/educator — in real situations. Together they struggle to learn, through continuing practice, how to make significant human contact with other people — patients, families, fellow staff members, and fellow students. Like all stories about humans, they are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, often confusing, and almost always rich with complexity. These stories contain and convey something of this richness for all to enjoy.

Peter Keese is an Episcopal Priest and a retired but still active Clinical Educator certified by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. He is the author of Jesus Has Left the Building (2014).

“Peter Keese is an expert in CPE, and this book is a gift to everyone who wants to do more than just show up for people. . . . This book can teach us all how to practice our ministry with increased capacity. Keese is a gifted scholar, teacher, and writer who is offering us the gift of his lifelong practice of compassionate ministry.” —Becca Stevens, author, speaker, Founder and President, Thistle Farms

“Peter Keese gives the full measure of his wisdom in these multilayered narratives on the CPE process. His soulful listening shines through as he points toward the transforming learning that takes places with the students—and within his self. Keese’s ability to be emotionally present and curious is a profound gift. . . . Being There is an invitation into the mysterious and miraculous process of learning about one’s self and the care of souls.” —Logan Jones, Certified Educator, retired

“Peter Keese has invited us to pull up a rocking chair with him as he shares his stories from what feels like his front porch. Always reflective, sometimes confessional, and occasionally didactic, he offers the wisdom of a professional life well lived as a CPE educator. Peter has offered a wonderful and warm memoir that offers insight and inspiration to anyone interested in faithfully offering spiritual care and education.” —Trace Haythorn, Executive Director/CEO, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)

“There are three profound truths which sound throughout Being There: meaningful encounter with suffering requires the integration of one’s own suffering; resistance is always an opportunity for learning; and in any meaningful encounter, the teacher always learns from the student. Anyone for whom relationships are key and spirituality is a vital part of such relationships will enjoy and be challenged.” —Miriam Needham, Director, Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)