Bishop of New York on DOMA and Prop 8

Posted Jun 26, 2013

[Diocese of New York] As all the world now knows, today the Supreme Court made two historic decisions related to the legal rights and standing of those in the LGBT community, by striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and by dismissing the appeal against the lower court decision in California which makes provision for same sex marriage in that state. In the annals of the struggle for civil and human rights, and for the recognition of the equality of all people, today will be remembered as a milestone of justice and righteousness. On behalf of the Diocese of New York, I join with those who have worked so hard for so long to guarantee rights for gay and lesbian couples in celebration of these important decisions and what they will mean. I am confident that the day is coming when marriage equality will become the law everywhere in America, and I am sure that the events of this day, our day, will further the pursuit of those just ends.

Certainly, for same sex couples in our own state and diocese, the abolition of DOMA opens the way for the breaking down of the final barriers to full equality and freedom for same-sex couples. I am proud that in various ways this diocese has made its witness that such equality is truly of God, and speak for our whole community in offering our thanks today to the United States Supreme Court, and to those who have tirelessly pressed the case before that court, and we offer our congratulations and best wishes to all those whose lives will be enlarged and blessed by the events of this day.

The Right Reverend Andrew M.L. Dietsche
Bishop of New York