Bishop José McLoughlin Reflects on Cuba in WLOS 13 Feature

Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina
Posted Jul 16, 2021

Bishop José’s mother (center) and grandparents on their porch in Cuba in 1954.

In a July 14 feature on WLOS 13, The Rt. Rev. José A. McLoughlin, bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina, reflects on the situation in Cuba and his fears for his family who live there.

In the feature Bishop José, who is of Cuban-American descent, reflects upon his own ties to Cuba and the impact they have had on his family. Bishop José’s namesake, his grandfather Dr. José Navarrete, was a Senator in Cuba at the time of the revolution, and his mother escaped the regime for the United States in January of 1961.

Bishop José calls for the country to take action and is continuing to seek ways to bring assistance to the people of Cuba.

“Right now, we’re getting a tremendous shout from the island of Cuba, and so I think we need to be very well aware of how we can provide. But we should care because whenever a community suffers, we suffer,” he said.

To watch the full feature on WLOS, click here.