Bexley Seabury Seminary Launches Pathways for Baptismal Living

Bexley Seabury Seminary
Posted Jan 28, 2021

Bexley Seabury made a huge splash by launching its new division, Pathways for Baptismal Living, during the 2021 Forma conference this past week. Pathways was birthed out of the desire to make seminary-created theological education and pastoral training more accessible for ALL the baptized, especially laity. Its goal is to give faithful leaders the tools they need to enrich their faith in community – all without having to enroll in a degree program.

Dr. Julie Lytle, the Director of Distributive and Lifelong Learning, is the force behind the launch and the chief collaborator in developing the courses and communities of practice. “Throughout my career, I have heard lay leaders and professionals yearning for affordable, accessible education, training, and resources to support their ministries,” Lytle said. “We’ve created Pathways as a resource hub in response. It is designed for people to enter where they want and need so they can discern, explore, and deepen their faith and respond to Gods call.”

Over 20 courses, workshops, events, and activities are available and can be taken in the order that best suit personal interests and needs. There are programs for discernment, personal enrichment, licensure in cooperation with the local bishop, and ways to meet church-wide imperatives. The programs are designed with opportunities for personal reflection as well as live and asynchronous online interaction with the instructor and course participants. Current available courses include:

  • February 3 – Engaging God’s Word with Dr. Victoria Garvey
  • February 18 – Becoming Beloved Community with the Rev. Bill Cruse
  • February 28 – Exploring Theology and Ethics with the Rev. Marcus Halley
  • February 28 – Understanding the Doctrine of Discovery with Mary Crist

Pathways is also supporting communities of practice with monthly web conversations. Sharing Stories of Baptismal Living is designed for the laity, Deacons Talking on the Road to Emmaus inspires diaconal ministries in collaboration with the Association for Episcopal Deacons, Conversations on the Partners Path supports partners of clergy, and Open Space for Ministering Communities supports faith communities trying to shift from being communities around a minister to being ministering communities.

President Micah T.J. Jackson boasted, “I’m proud of this work, especially because we didn’t do this alone. We’re partnering with experts to provide these learning modules for everyone’s benefit. This is a game changer.”

In addition to a cast of instructors well-recognized in their fields, Bexley Seabury is grateful for collaborations with The Office of Indigenous Ministries of the Episcopal Church, Province I, and Province III who partnered together to develop Constable Grant-funded programs.

Most courses cost between $200-$300, while some are even free. Visit to see the courses that are open for registration today! How is God calling you? Find your path with Bexley Seabury Seminary!

About Bexley Seabury Seminary: The Seminary beyond walls, Bexley Seabury educates, forms, and inspires the Body of Christ to blaze new pathways for prophetic and pastoral service in response to God’s call. For more information about Bexley Seabury, visit their website: