Arizona bishop Kirk Smith on Prop 8, DOMA rulings

Posted Jun 26, 2013

[Episcopal Diocese of Arizona press release] I rejoice, along with our LBGT brothers and and sisters, over the Supreme Court decisions this morning. Our country has come one step closer to realizing that freedom and justice are for all its citizens.

Many LBGT people I know who are my age have commented that they would have never believed that equality under the law would happen for them “in our lifetime.” I can only begin to imagine the full extent of their joy today.

Our country has come closer to a truth which has been ours as Christians from the beginning, that God loves everything and everyone God has made, and that we are called to reflect God’s love for us in how we love each other. Our country is now one step closer to making that possible for everyone. Today Love won.


The Rt. Rev. Kirk Stevan Smith
Episcopal Diocese of Arizona