Anglican Health Network opens medical equipment supply system

Posted Feb 22, 2012

[Anglican Health Network] The Anglican Health Network (AHN) medical supply system is now open for business. With access to a wide range of surplus equipment in the United States, AHN is now looking for partners and recipients to facilitate deliveries.

“We have the supply lines. We are aware of hospitals and health centres around the Anglican Communion that urgently need life-saving equipment” said Lee Hogan, Co-chair of AHN. “What we need now is collaborative support.”

Anglican health facilities in the developing world are often dependent on their relationships with multiple donors. These can be parishes, dioceses or individuals that have long term links. The facilities rely on numerous modest financial contributions and volunteer visits.

“If we could get supporters to pool their resources with one another”, added Mr Hogan, “we could realise the needs of our hospitals with more ambition and impact.” A typical container load of medical equipment costs around $30,000 to collect, renovate and ship. However, the value of such equipment can be measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  With a wide range of supplies available, it may be possible to upgrade the average 50-bed facility with a single delivery. Along with investments in skilled staffing, the health services provided by the hospital can be significantly enhanced.

There are a number of Anglican agencies active in the equipment supply market. Recent beneficiaries of deliveries have included Kunri Christian Hospital in Pakistan and St. Margaret’s Hospital in Oro Bay, Papua New Guinea. St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System in Houston is preparing to ship equipment to the Anglican Province of Tanzania.

“The supply of equipment can be a challenging task”, Mr Hogan accepts, “There are many stories of faulty and inappropriate machines being delivered and supplies occasionally being redirected to local markets rather than used in the intended facility. But AHN faces regular, genuine requests for medical equipment. This equipment is readily available. With careful planning and the trust developed between partners, we have the chance to provide a clearing house for those with the greatest needs.”

For further information, please contact Revd Paul Holley, Coordinator of the Anglican Health Network: