Retreat Center Director

Cody, WY
Type: Clergy, Lay
Posted Jan 6, 2021
Job Title
Retreat Center Director
Name of church or organization
Thomas The Apostle Retreat Center
Cody, WY
Job Description
Thomas the Apostle Center (TAC) is a retreat center located on the outskirts of Cody, WY. TAC is a Wisdom Center of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming dedicated to fostering spiritual renewal and creative thinking in a quiet and reflective environment. We seek to model a way of life that cares for the people we serve and for creation.

The TAC Board of Directors is proactively seeking applicants for the role of director(s). This is a full-time, year-round position. Compensation is dependent on experience, and on-site housing and benefits are provided.

Doing all things with a SPIRIT OF SERVICE to the guests, the community, and the place, the Director(s) serve as:


  • Serve as the executive director and administrator of TAC
  • In partnership with the Board of Directors, maintain, protect and oversee TAC in harmony with the vision and overall values
  • Foster a collaborative working relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming and the Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming
  • Plan, manage and ensure completion of all TAC operations, including:
    • Facility operations, upkeep, improvements and maintenance (both day-to-day and long-range);
    • Fiscal oversight and reporting;
    • Provision of guest services;
    • Completion of administrative tasks; and
    • Other duties that ensure TAC functions smoothly.


  • Live on-site as resident directors of TAC, exhibiting hospitality both in spirit and action
  • In spirit: Ensure all guests and visitors feel welcomed, have their needs anticipated and met, and have a memorable and nourishing experience while at TAC
  • In action: Provide housekeeping, meals & refreshments, cleaning and overall upkeep of the entire property in keeping with high standards; function as guest concierge; ongoing beautification and upkeep of facilities, grounds and landscaping


  • Represent and promote TAC to the community, and to existing and potential guests
  • Be visible and maintain communication and affiliation with community partners
  • Oversee and implement marketing and advertising efforts
  • Foster and strengthen relationship with the Episcopal Diocese, and Diocesan & Foundation leaders
  • Coordinate programming that aligns with the mission and vision of TAC
  • Connect and network, build awareness, and represent TAC interests through community events, board or volunteer service, etc.


  • Maintain the entire TAC property with an environmentally responsible, conservation-minded approach
  • Steward the landscaping, grazing and leasing, trails, xeriscaping and the conservation easement
  • Serve as the historian and conservator of TAC’s arts and artifacts, maintaining their quality, provenance and ‘story’


We seek an individual or individuals who:

  • Have personal values that align with TAC’s mission
  • Possess a minimum of 5 years progressive experience in facilities management, lodging management, guest services, nonprofit leadership or similar roles.
  • Bring a collaborative leadership style working with individuals and organizations
  • Have experience working with a board of directors and other volunteers
  • Appreciate land management and stewardship
  • Appreciate spiritual reflection and growth
  • Desire relationship- and network-building, and community involvement
  • Have experience and success in donor-based fundraising and grant-writing
  • Possess and enjoy using essential skills such as:
    • Communication: written, verbal and public speaking
    • Administrative: Computer, office and financial tasks
    • Maintenance: Hands-on maintenance, improvements for facilities and grounds
    • Hospitality: Preparing meals, refreshments, guest room upkeep and cleaning


Director(s) will receive a compensation package including salary (commensurate with experience and ability to perform all job expectations), housing, health insurance and retirement benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is TAC’s Mission and Vision?

Our Mission: In a unique, ecologically sensitive setting, TAC fosters spiritual, physical & intellectual growth. Our Vision: We seek to model a way of life that cares for the people we serve and for creation.

What is the relationship between TAC, the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming and the Episcopal Foundation of the Diocese of Wyoming?

The TAC directors are employed by and responsible to the TAC Board of Directors. TAC is a 501(c)3 organized to fulfill the mission and vision described above. The TAC property is partially owned by the Episcopal Foundation of the Diocese of Wyoming. TAC operates in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming.

What does it mean that TAC is a Wisdom Center of the Episcopal Diocese?

A Wisdom Center is a place of learning and spiritual formation. There are 5 such sites designated in the Diocese of Wyoming, including the Cathedral in Laramie, the Diocesan office in Casper, a site on the Wind River Reservation, and Hank Raymond Camp.

What is the primary responsibility of the director?

As the job description outlines, the primary role of the director is to be the executive and administrator for TAC and provide (or, ensure they are provided) all of TAC’s services proficiently, with a spirit of service, hospitality and stewardship

This job description is extensive and duties are varied. How will the director get everything accomplished?

The successful candidate(s) will be proficient in serving all facets of this role, either individually or in a spouse or partner director team. However, if the director(s) are not able to fulfill all duties as described, the director(s)’ salary will be commensurate with the ability to perform all job expectations and the board is prepared to allocate budget resources for additional part-time or contracted employees.

Is it expected that the TAC director(s) attend or be a member of the Episcopal church?

No. While we desire TAC director(s) to have personal values that align with TAC’s mission and vision, and appreciate spiritual reflection and growth, affiliation with a specific church or faith community is not a provision of employment.

Does the TAC director(s) live on site?

Yes. The TAC director(s) are provided on-site housing so you can be present for guests and visitors and maintain close oversight of the facilities, grounds and land.

How will you consider individual versus couples as candidates for this role?

TAC has most recently enjoyed a couple serving as successful co-directors of TAC. This is a model we are familiar with and open to pursuing in our current director search, yet we remain open to a single individual to fulfill the position alone, with or without a spouse or partner who may join him/her living on-site but not involved in the TAC director(s) duties. We would love to consider applicants with partners, spouses and/or families for the position.

What do you foresee as the future of TAC?

TAC has recently been approved as an Episcopal Service Corps housing site. Called “On Sacred Ground – Wyoming Service Corps,” the program will be administered by Christ Church Cody. The Program Director (a part-time position) will be hired this fall and will live off-campus; applications to the national program open in November, and we anticipate our first cohort of corps members (5-7 21 to 30 year olds) to arrive in August 2021. Please see the website:

The TAC Board of Directors engages in strategic planning on a regular basis. The board is committed to several goals included in our most recent plan, including preserving TAC’s use as a spiritual retreat center, and maintaining a vibrant presence in our community.

What else can I learn about TAC, the facilities and the area?

For detailed information and photos of our education and conference facilities, lodging rooms and grounds, please visit the TAC website. For more information on the Cody, Wyoming community please visit Cody Country Chamber of Commerce website and the Forward Cody website. You can also visit Christ Church Cody and the Diocese of Wyoming for information on the local Episcopal church and state Episcopal diocese.

Type of Commitment
Full Time
Does this job pay?
Application Process
To apply, please send a cover letter and resume by email, as attached files, to In your cover letter, we ask you to respond to the following questions:
– How do your personal and professional values align with this role?
– How is your previous experience relevant to this role?
– Why are you a good fit for this position?
The successful candidates will pass required background checks prior to a final offer being extended.
Application Deadline