Rector / Vicar / Priest-in-Charge

Chesapeake, VA
Type: Clergy
Posted May 16, 2019
Job Title
Rector / Vicar / Priest-in-Charge
Name of church or organization
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Job Location
Chesapeake, VA
Job Description
The St. Thomas Episcopal Church family in Chesapeake, Virginia, wants you to enrich our home. We seek a spiritual leader and good person who is ENERGETIC, HONEST, OPEN-MINDED, and RELATABLE. We are a transitional-sized parish, who is strong despite turmoil in our recent past. We have been blessed with gifted leaders in this interim period, and yearn for a stable and committed servant-leader to help us move forward in our ministries to ourselves, one another, and our community.

We have recently surveyed our church, and members have characterized our desired leader as a person, spiritual leader, and pastor.

By far, the Rector as a Person was ranked as the most important, with respondents wanting a warm, friendly, outgoing, gregarious Rector. Someone who is a good listener and skilled in one-on-one conversations.

The second most important area was Spiritual Leader, with respondents wanting someone who promotes spiritual growth among all members, challenges people to examine their faith, and leads by personal example.

Finally, the third most important area was Preacher; where respondents hope for someone who provides spiritual and moral direction for the congregation.

The “less important roles” (preacher, teacher, priest, rector) do not mean that these areas are unimportant to St. Thomas. As many parishioners commented, “Wow, these are all important!”

St. Thomas is seeking a priest who “has a sense of humor, charismatic but sincere, able to connect with people yet establish limits, preaches sermons where the lessons can be applied to our lives, and who is accepting of everyone.”

These are but a few qualities that we are looking to nurture under the leadership of a new priest. Although change is challenging, we are excited to watch and experience the legacy of our next rector unfold. St. Thomas Episcopal Church has always been strong, family-oriented, and above all, rooted in the teachings of Christ.

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Application Process
Submit Cover Letter and OTM Ministry Portfolio to the Episcopal Diocese Southern Virginia; Canon for Transition Ministries and Clergy Development, Charles Robinson, at .