Rector (PT)

Bigfork, MT
Type: Clergy
Posted Sep 24, 2021
Job Title
Name of church or organization
St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
Bigfork, MT
Job Description
Over the last two years, St Patrick’s parish has stepped out in faithfulness to meet the challenges of the present and future.  After a sizable building project, we have transformed our historic building into a state-of-the-art worship and fellowship place.  Furthermore, we have effectively taken worship into the virtual realm to accommodate and protect our people.

We see a priest that will guide us as a spiritual companion, deepening the gifts we have and nurturing us towards new possibilities.  We are a friendly and driven people firmly rooted in tradition and scripture, formed by the Book of Common Prayer.  We are united in our desire to continue working alone side one another for Christ.

Our leader will be one who respects and pastors our whole congregation, models compassion,  with listening and Christian love.  Our next rector will be someone who has experience teaching all ages, empowering the laity, and is interested in fostering relationship with ecumenical, interfaith, and secular neighbors.

We value the traditional form and elevated preaching.  Though we strive for excellence, we know that nothing is perfect aside from God.  Our new pastor will be a knowledgable preacher, a solemn liturgist, but still have a sense of humor.

Type of Commitment
Part Time
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Application Process
To apply, please email your cover letter, resume and OTM portfolio to Tom Cahill, Senior Warden/Search Committee Chair,
Application Deadline