San Diego, CA
Type: Clergy
Posted Jul 4, 2018
Job Title
Name of church or organization
All Saints Episcopal Church
Job Location
San Diego, CA
Job Description
All Saints’ Parish is a congregation of strong Anglo-Catholic heritage, pastoral sized, endowed, close to downtown San Diego. The Diocese of San Diego is not only the city of 1.3 million, but the expansive county of San Diego as well as portions of other county areas north that are adjacent to the Diocese of Los Angeles, Arizona to the east, and Western Mexico to the south.

All Saints’ is on a journey with the Almighty Father to discover through Holy Spirit discernment the next Rector for this unique San Diego parish. There is only one other parish which claims the same Anglo-Catholic uniqueness within the diocese, and we are in fellowship with them, but geographically separate enough to not be “in competition” with them. What we hope to hold in common with all of our sister parishes and missions is our baptism in the Lord Jesus Christ, and our dependence upon the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, in mission. And beyond ourselves and this diocese, this same desire of fellowship and communion is found in our connection to the rest of the Anglican Communion in societies and further mission endeavor.

We seek:
• a priest who is at home in the Anglo-Catholic tradition and experienced in practical and pastoral parish leadership
• a leader of devout, sacramental worship who will pattern personal life by the example of Christ and serve as a wholesome example to us in our life of prayer and fellowship and also lead us into new areas of ministry, mission, and service
• a person who embraces the social diversity of our congregation
• a pastor committed to driving parish growth both spiritually and numerically and to providing enthusiastic leadership toward our goal of being the spiritual home for a growing sacramental congregation
• an optimistic, dynamic, loving, inspiring, and affirmative leader who will help us build the parish as a haven for all who seek a sacred space and participation in the liturgy.

Thus, we seek a Rector who will be Anglo-Catholic, Christ-centered, and urban; he will be out-going, welcoming, and inspiring.

If you feel so moved to begin a discernment journey with us, please send us your OTM profile, a resume, and a cover letter stating whatever it might be that has brought us to your attention, and at this early stage of consideration, what interests you in All Saints’.
Send these to our Search Team leader, as well as the Transition Officer for San Diego, both emails which are listed on our parish OTM portfolio.

Type of commitment
  • Full time
Does this job pay?
Application Process
To apply send the following to both our Search Team Leader and to the diocesan Transition Officer (found on our Portfolio, downloadable at —
1. A cover letter addressed to the Parish Rector Search Team describing what you find compelling about All Saints’, as described more fully in the description above.
2. OTM profile sent as a pdf
3. Resume
Link to the job posting or application