Sandwich, MA
Type: Clergy
Posted Sep 12, 2023
Job Title
Name of church or organization
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Sandwich, MA
Job Description
Our Parish calls for:

  1. A rector who is interested in longevity with St. John’s and will help it grow into the future.
  2. A rector whose spirituality will inspire the congregation.
  3. A rector who appreciates traditional Episcopal worship and music, but also ventures into more progressive theology.
  4. A rector who is dedicated to pastoral care, nurturing parishioners, and creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for new members.
  5. A rector who genuinely loves interacting with individuals and groups and is willing to work side by side with parishioners at church events.
  6. A rector who is willing to help rebuild church attendance and enthusiasm that fell dramatically during the pandemic.
  7. A rector who has skills in church operations: administration, finance, and physical plant management
  8. A rector who appreciates the long history of St. John’s in the Town of Sandwich and the need to partner with the community.
  9. A rector who is willing to work toward revitalizing our older, more settled, low-energy parishioners in order to gain new younger members.
  10. A rector who will set realistic goals to attract young families in light of the following challenges: Cape Cod’s declining population of young families; high cost of housing; society’s general decreased interest and participation in organized churches; and competition with other churches to attract similar members.
Type of Commitment
Full Time
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Application Process
To apply for the position please submit a letter of introduction, a CV, OTM profile, and sermon(s) as a pdf document. A link to audio/video sermon(s) may also be provided.
Email to:

Address: 161 Main Street Sandwich, MA 02563

Telephone: 508-888-2828

Application Deadline
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