Fenton, MI
Type: Clergy
Posted May 1, 2023
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St. Jude’s Episcopal Church
Fenton, MI
Job Description

St. Jude’s is a small and mighty pastoral Church Community in the heart of Downtown Fenton Michigan. As a parish, we value and dignify each other, honoring each other’s humanity and the various contributions to the community that we make. We are real people, living in and through these challenging times, and trying our best to be God’s loving and giving servants, stewards of all creation. We value worship in all forms: prayerful, reflective, and celebratory. We are searching for a priest to help us fulfill our mission of Seeking and Worshiping God and Reaching Out to Others.

We pray for a priest who will:

  1. Provide timely and strong pastoral care. We wish for a warm and compassionate priest with skill in personal relations. They will be able to communicate effectively and enthusiastically with our congregation.

  2. Deliver effective and relevant sermons. The priest will present inspiring, informative, and engaging sermons that challenge and stretch our faith and commitment to Christ. These thought-provoking sermons should hone and deepen our personal spirituality.

  3. Increase stewardship and spur church growth. The priest will encourage the giving of time, talent, and treasure, as well as motivating parishioners in Christian action. St. Jude’s wants to maintain and grow church membership so that we may continue our outreach and positive presence in the community.

  4. Implement a variety of liturgical and musical styles. The priest will honor and celebrate liturgical traditions while introducing a diversity of worship forms, musical styles, and religious practices.

  5. Manage and organize day-to-day church endeavors. The priest will be approachable, organized, collaborative and delegate when necessary.

We prayerfully anticipate welcoming a new priest who will join, guide, and encourage us to walk in the path modeled for all the world by Jesus Christ. Please see our complete profile linked below.

Application Process

Please direct questions to Canon Tracie Little, Transition Officer for the Diocese of Eastern Michigan, at or 810.300.9177. To submit your name, please email Canon Little your OTM Portfolio, a current/resume/CV, and a letter of interest addressed to the Search Committee. One of those documents should include links to your online presence and an audio or video recording of a sermon.

Application Deadline:

June 30, 2023

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