Medford, OR
Type: Clergy
Posted Mar 21, 2023
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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Medford, OR
Job Description
We seek a priest who will support and nurture St. Mark’s existing programs and ministries while helping us to restart those shut down by the pandemic, most critically programs to attract, educate, and inspire families with children. Families are our future, and the priest we seek will make them feel welcome when they visit and excited about worshiping with us again.

We seek a priest with deep faith and a compassionate nature—a pastor who listens to, supports, and cares for each member of the flock. We seek a strong, yet collaborative, leader who knows how to motivate people to get things done. We seek a priest with a sense of humor, one who acknowledges the seriousness of sharing Christ’s love in the world without taking her or himself too seriously. We seek a priest with a good deal of tolerance; the ability to relate to people of all ages, races, orientations, and political persuasions; one who is organized and (at least somewhat) technologically savvy.

The priest we seek will be experienced enough to lead, creative enough to innovate, passionate enough to inspire, and (quite importantly to our members) committed to staying the course as we work together to realize our vision of a St. Mark’s brimming with faithful members of all ages.

As you prayerfully consider answering God’s call to St. Marks, know this: if God leads you to our door, our small but mighty membership will pray for and with you, support and sustain you, work side-by-side with you, and open our hearts to embrace you as— together—we share Christ’s love in our community.

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Full Time
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Application Process
To apply for our Rector position, please send your resume, OTM Portfolio, and a cover letter to our Missioner for Thriving Congregations, The Rev. Christopher Craun at
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