Lake City, FL
Type: Clergy
Posted Oct 28, 2022
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St. James Episcopal Church
Lake City, FL
Job Description
Located in Lake City, the Gateway to Florida, St. James was established in 1870.  We are nestled in the center of the triangle: Tallahassee, the capital; Jacksonville, big city life and Gainesville, academic opportunities, all within 90 minutes.  St. James is a close knit, loving community and a wonderful place for those to share a love of nature.  Rivers, lakes, parks and wonderful year round weather offer us many opportunities for worship.

We are 30 miles from Camp Weed, “The Parish Hall of the Diocese” which provides camp, conference and worship opportunities.  We are an extremely active church with many ministries in our community: feeding the homeless; making prayer shawls; backpack ministries; as well as mentoring and ministering to at risk girls through our Jr. Daughters of the King. We have begun hosting Fellowship Dinners with churches throughout all areas of our community.  Even through COVID we continued to feed the homeless with 200 meals a week.

We are a congregation of JOY…..Joy in our feeling of family….Joy in our worship…..Joy in our many community outreach programs…and Joy in our love of Jesus Christ.

We are looking for a Rector who….

…inspires and educates with compelling preaching and teaching that stirs the heart and          challenges the mind

…recognizes the talents at St. James and can lead to expand our outreach programs

…has a deep commitment to all aspects of pastoral care

…connects well with young people and parishioners of all ages

…will serve as our executive leader in developing a vision for St. James

…will hear and listen to empathize with and understand individual’s perspectives

… who shares our hope as we go into the world each Sunday…

That we will look for the face of the Lord Jesus in everyone we meet

And everyone we meet will see the face of the Lord Jesus in us

Type of Commitment
Full Time
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Application Process
Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and current OTM profile to
Jim Phillips: and also to
Any further questions please call Senior Warden, Jim Phillips at 386-288-4442
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