East Hampton, NY
Type: Clergy
Posted Sep 20, 2022
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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
East Hampton, NY
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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, East Hampton is located near the eastern tip of Long Island, within walking distance of ocean beaches and the beautiful historic Village of East Hampton.  Founded in 1648 by Presbyterians from Connecticut and Southampton, the visitor is constantly reminded of the history of the Village.  St. Luke’s itself is modeled after a church in Maidstone, England and is a short distance from one of the landmark windmills and the original Mulford Farm.  We are an active parish both in worship and outreach.  We have weathered the challenges that emerged with the Covid pandemic with strength and unity, embracing the future in one voice. Our doors are open. There is a significant LBGTQ presence and a spirit of openness.  We have a Curate position,  a well-run administration and strong Vestry.

St. Luke’s represents:

Inclusivity and Acceptance:  St. Luke’s welcomes everyone as a child of God created in the divine image.  Each of us is part of Christ’s mission regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other characteristic.  Many congregants come to St. Luke’s from other faiths.  Each person is a different thread in a gorgeous tapestry of faith.

Community Service and Outreach:  St. Luke’s follows Christ’s mission through its support of the East Hampton food pantry, Laundry Love, ashes-to-go, and other community support.  St. Luke’s promotes social justice in all its forms and is unafraid to be a voice of Christian conscience in the east end community.

Worship Services; Clergy and Music:  St. Luke’s provides a source of spiritual rejuvenation, peaceful contemplation, and comfort.  The services and liturgy balance tradition with topical homilies and educational opportunities in a majestic setting.  The music program is first class and an integral part of worship, particularly during holidays.

Buildings and Location:  The church building, the rectory, and St. Peters Chapel provide beautiful, traditional and historic venues for St. Luke’s worship services and clergy.  Hoie Hall provides a charming barn-like setting for coffee hours, weddings and other events.  They are all set in beautiful East Hampton, a community well-known for its many charms.  While ongoing maintenance will always be required, the facilities themselves are in superior condition.

Financial Resources:  St. Luke’s is blessed with financial resources that allow it to satisfy its operating needs and support Christ’s mission.  In addition to annual stewardship pledges of $400,000 plus, St. Luke’s receives testamentary and trust distributions, and maintains significant investments in marketable securities and mutual funds. 

The base of the church community is local/year round congregants. St. Luke’s has a “reverse” season in that the Hamptons are when we see many seasonal parishioners. There can be barriers to getting around the summer time business.

St. Luke’s Seeks a New Rector who has the following qualities:

Spiritual Leader with Deep Biblical Knowledge:  The new Rector will be the spiritual leader of St. Luke’s, and should be one who embodies and leads with the teachings of Christ.  He or she should be a visionary with the ability to motivate the congregation and serve as its shepherd.  He or she should be an accomplished public speaker and his or her homilies should be interesting, engaging, thought-provoking, and relate peoples’ practical concerns and current problems to biblical text.

Experience:  The new Rector should have ten or more years’ experience, and be able to manage the dynamics, finances, and administration of a parish the size of St. Luke’s.  Ideally, he or she should be able to lead the efforts to build our social media presence, including an upgraded website, and foster a robust communications effort to the congregation and the community.

Personal Skills and Ministering to Parishioners:  The new Rector should be friendly, compassionate, welcoming, a good listener, and joyful.  A good sense of humor is extremely important.  He or she should be able to communicate the teachings of Christ without being overtly political, and an ability to connect rather than “wag a finger.”  The new Rector should be empathetic, and willing to individually tend to the sick, aged and others in need of personal ministering.

Leader in the Community and Ambassador to Other Faiths:  The new Rector should be recognized as a leader of faith in the east end community, attend community events, and be the public face of St. Luke’s including speaking up for Christian values when local issues arise.  He or she should  continue the relationship with the Jewish center of East Hampton, and seek opportunities to promote Christ’s mission jointly with other local churches.

Be a Champion of Diversity, Inclusion, Environmental and Social Consciousness:  The new Rector should set a “tone from the top” welcoming all to St. Luke’s regardless of race, sex, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, or any other attribute.  He or she should also be a force for social consciousness and “creation care.

If you feel God may be calling you to discern with us as our Rector, we look forward to receiving your materials and getting to know you better.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and current OTM profile to
The Rev. Canon Claire Woodley 
/ Canon for Ministry Support

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Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and current OTM profile to
The Rev. Canon Claire Woodley / Canon for Ministry Support
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