Wicomico Church, VA
Type: Clergy
Posted Aug 11, 2022
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Wicomico Parish Church
Wicomico Church, VA
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We look forward to welcoming a new rector to our parish located in a beautiful Virginia community on the Chesapeake Bay, where we have celebrated our faith through worship and fellowship for over 350 years.  The bond that connects us is the desire to follow Christ by caring for one another and for those in want beyond our walls. In fact, our greatest energy is devoted to outreach.

Our worship services are joyful, and well attended.  We want our priest to make scripture relevant so that we may find Christian purpose in our lives and in today’s world.  We find that biblical interpretation and spiritual life is often an individual matter, and therefore provide room for a variety of understandings and interpretations.  As a church family, we respond naturally to each other’s joys and sorrows, but in times of personal and spiritual crisis, we turn to our priest for counsel and guidance.  Pastoral care is of great importance.  Although we expect our rector to be capable of managing the affairs of the parish, we have a very active and capable volunteer base, and lay leaders are responsible for many of the administrative functions of the church.

It is our sincere hope that the person who answers the call to serve at Wicomico Parish Church will discover we are warm and accepting and wish for a close and meaningful relationship with our new rector, both as a minister and as a friend.

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