Pewee Valley, KY
Type: Clergy
Posted Jun 7, 2022
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St. James’ Episcopal Church
Pewee Valley, KY
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The Search Committee promises to welcome with enthusiasm our new rector and family, and to assist them in adjustment into the community. We are a warm and caring parish and look forward to receiving our new rector into our church community. We have developed this profile as a team and believe that God will guide our search for our next rector.

Our Next Rector

While we are proud of the rich and long history of St. James, we seek a Rector that can respect the church’s historical traditions, but guide us as we explore new opportunities for growth. Openness, diversity, interpersonal skills and the ability to foster spiritual relationships in our congregation are especially important to us.

Preaching/Teaching   We desire a rector that will conduct services in an open friendly manner. We practice an open table Eucharist and “All Are Welcome” approach. Engaging sermons that connect the lessons of the scriptures to our daily lives and empower us to be disciples of Christ are a high priority for our next Rector.

Pastoral Care   This area is as important to us as it is to all Episcopal churches. In essence, being the Shepherd to the St. James flock. We look forward to a rector who will share in our times of joy and sorrows or what an old English clergy person called the “hatches, matches, and dispatches.”

Shepherding & Leadership    Since we are a pastoral led parish it’s vital to have a Rector who can identify and empower others for leadership roles within the church. St. James members are eager to share their time, talent and treasure under the guidance of a loving, encouraging Rector.

Flexible & Versatile Leader    We are a priest led parish and seek a strong leader with the ability to encourage others to take leadership roles within St. James. We know a rector can’t take on all responsibilities in a parish but we desire a rector who will facilitate the activities and support the parishioners taking on those responsibilities.

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Please send OTM Portfolio and resumé to the Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Amy Real Coultas
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