Atlanta, GA
Type: Clergy
Posted Feb 8, 2021
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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Atlanta, GA
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St. Paul’s is a vibrant and healthy majority African American parish with strong historical ties. We are a welcoming and affirming church and we welcome people of all nationalities, backgrounds, and stages of life. The strength of St. Paul’s congregation has been proven in its perseverance over the past 140 years. Our vision is to remain a strong parish with strong ties to the Diocese and the community. Our congregation desires to continue to grow in faith and in numbers while staying true to our roots and beliefs. A recent online survey of St. Paul’s parish revealed that we are a conservative-adaptable church, a cultural style referred to as a “performance” church. We value excellence in worship, music, and preaching. We are most responsive to messages that present our faith in an accessible and compelling way.

The past three years, and especially 2020, have taught this parish a number of valuable lessons, including that we have:

  • a strong body of lay leaders committed to the continuity of weekly services and Eucharistic visitation;
  • flexible and loyal parishioners dedicated to the legacy and prolonged existence of the church body;
  • and a desire to continue to meet the needs of the church body and the local community, especially during trying times.

We seek a rector who is excited about leading this historic and progressive congregation, who is passionate about community engagement, who will work alongside lay leaders and who has a vision that will grow and sustain the church throughout the next decade.

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