Gastonia, NC
Type: Clergy
Posted Dec 14, 2020
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All Saints Episcopal Church
Gastonia, NC
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All Saints is a God-centered church with a passion for outreach in ministry and parishioner led programs. We have a modern take on discipleship that is inclusive and welcoming to all. Our family of disciples strive to follow God’s word and help those in our greater community through outreach programs. We also support our church members with both pastoral and person to person care and service. Our ministries are defined by the Bible and the strong belief that we are the body of Christ, his hands and feet. We strive to be the embodiment of Christ’s love in everything from liturgy and rites to our interaction with those around us. Our strengths are seen most when we are in service to others and each other. At All Saints, we are willing and ready for a strong leader to step in who will help guide our church into the future.

We are searching for a Rector with a caring and empathetic heart, who will help nurture us to grow to the next chapter of our Church. Our next Rector will need to work with us to reach deeper into our community to bring in new life and new people to our church. We hope to find someone who will help us invest in the Christian Education for adults and children; to help us grow in our knowledge of God and the Gospel. As outreach is one of the cornerstones of our Church, we seek someone who shares our passion for service. The next Rector will become part of our family and will need to become part of the community at large. We hope that our next Rector will help to support existing programs and to foster new programs and partnerships that serve the entire area.

We are looking for someone who offers strong leadership skills, but who has the ability to listen and to discern the direction of our Church and parish in this new environment. Historically All Saints has amazing stewardship support within the Church. We seek a Rector who will help innovate and excite our parish to new levels of participation, through the time and talents of our members.

We desire a Rector who speaks from his or her heart when creating and delivering their message. All Saints does not shy away from social issues and we hope that our next Rector will help us to meet the challenges of our community and the world. We look forward to welcoming our new Rector and joining hands with him or her as we continue our journey of faith and service to Christ and the community.

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Full Time
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Submit Cover letter, Resume and OTM Profile to The Rev. Canon Augusta Anderson
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