Gloucester, VA
Type: Clergy
Posted Jan 21, 2020
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Ware Episcopal Church
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Gloucester, VA
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We seek a Rector who radiates joy in the love of Christ, in the love for all people and in the commitment to the Episcopal Church, USA. We seek a Rector who is able to demonstrate personal faith through prayer, worship and the knowledge that God’s purpose is in all things. We wish to call a Rector who will join us in loving, supporting and accepting all people, and in respecting each person’s spiritual journey.

Through prayer, study and personal introspection, we are ready to welcome the priest called to join our parish family. With God’s guidance, we hope to match the skills and talents of our new Rector with the attributes of our parish.
We seek a Rector who leads with kindness, compassion, enthusiasm and encouragement. Parishioners have indicated a desire for newly energized leadership in pastoral care, youth ministry and spiritual guidance. We look for a Rector who will welcome the opportunity to visit those who are sick, home bound and bereaved and to care for their spiritual needs.
We seek a Rector who delivers dynamic messages when preaching. We look forward to inspiring sermons, relevant to our needs and based in Biblical scholarship.

We seek a Rector who can relate to and engage with our young people as well as their parents and grandparents. We wish to take the good news of the Gospel to our community with new enthusiasm and hope our new Rector will lead us to find those seeking Christ. We seek a Rector to lead our parish, protect its colonial heritage and adopt our community as home.
Ware Church is a place of hospitality, honor and faith. We pledge to extend our hospitality to our new Rector by assisting, as we can, with relocating, connecting with our local community, getting to know each of us and becoming comfortable with our calling. As we strive to serve Christ, we look forward to being of service to our new Rector.
To the 20th priest called to be with us, we welcome you to Ware Parish.

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