Cupertino, CA
Type: Clergy
Posted Sep 30, 2019
Job Title
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St. Jude the Apostle
Job Location
Cupertino, CA
Job Description
We seek a rector who is excited and able to build ever deeper relationships with us, congregationally and individually.We thrive when we’re connected to each other and our clergy through clear communication, mutual trust, honesty, and support. We are looking for a rector who is skilled at gracefully challenging us to progress in our spiritual journeys and to listen more intently for Christ’s guidance in our actions and relationships. Perhaps the most salient characteristic of our ideal rector is groundedness. To us, this means being comfortable slowing down and simplifying; modeling calmness, compassion, and forgiveness especially in conflict; embodying integrity and truthfulness; and practicing awareness of self and boundaries. It is important to us that our rector prioritize self-care, and make it possible for us to do the same. The most effective leadership style with the people of St. Jude’s will be one that is heavy on collaboration—working with us, rather than directing us. We seek a rector who listens and strives for understanding first, helps us clarify a path forward, and follows through with action using teamwork.
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Application Process
Please forward your cover letter, resume and OTM Portfolio to Canon Brian Nordwick at: . You can email Canon Brian or call him at 831-394-4465 for additional information or questions about this position.
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