Taos, NM
Type: Clergy
Posted Mar 7, 2019
Job Title
Name of church or organization
St. James Episcopal Church, Taos, NM
Job Location
Taos, NM
Job Description
The future Rector of Saint James must have the emotional presence to connect liturgically and pastorally not only with parish members but also be willing to offer spiritual guidance and involvement with the greater Taos Community.

We expect our new Rector to be the focus of our liturgical life. He/she must display a deep knowledge of scripture, the Book of Common Prayer, and the liturgical tradition of the Episcopal Church. With knowledge and ease, he/she will deliver sermons and liturgical practices that inspire all to greater Christian commitment and meet the spiritual hunger of individual worshippers.

In extending pastoral care he/she will strive to focus on the individual through careful listening, non-judgmental and sensitive counsel in all life transitions. He/she will exemplify responsive and relatable qualities toward young and old in different life stages and styles, and understand generational challenges.

“When my father, who was Muslim was visited regularly by our minister who said the visits were part of his tending to his flock.”

“Death of a soldier—young, sudden, unexpected. He encouraged all of us, men and women, to mourn and helped us to do it as a community.”

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Application Process
email to the Rev. Canon Raymond Raney
1. Letter of interest
2. OTM profile pdf
3. Personal Resume
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