Nags Head, NC
Type: Clergy
Posted Jan 10, 2019
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St. Andrew’s-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church
Job Location
Nags Head, NC
Job Description
We believe the most important key quality of a priest partnering in leadership with us at this time is that this person would have passionate and enthusiastic energy in spreading God’s Word and growing our church.

As we think of other characteristics, we realize the words Pastor, Priest and Leader stand out for us. 1. Our next Rector must serve as “Pastor,” a role we root in Christian relationship: caring alike for young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor, nourishing and strengthening the spiritual growth and addressing the spiritual needs of the St. Andrew’s flock, being a soul friend in time of need, and establishing a healthy pastoring relationship with our children. 2. The Rector must serve as “Priest”: to motivate in us a passion for God, the Word, and our Faith; to be committed to the power of prayer; to evangelize to bring others to God and to our worship community; to convey meaningful expression during services and sermons, with messages reaching many levels; to diligently read, study and teach Holy Scripture; to proclaim the Gospel, declare God’s forgiveness and God’s blessing, and baptize, celebrate Eucharist, and perform other ministrations entrusted by the church as prescribed by the rites of ordination in the Book of Common Prayer. 3. Our worshipping community requires a clergy “Leader”: providing oversight of both the mission of our church and the administrative needs of our operations; an effective delegator; providing vestry guidance; focused on growth; engaging in facilities planning; inspiring financial and stewardship responsibility; involved in the community and able to identify geographical needs; willing to recruit parishioners to fill the needs of our church, and leading us to know and embrace our roles and responsibilities as God’s royal priesthood. 4. We look for our next rector to have gifts of the Holy Spirit: comforting, compassionate, empathetic, observant, present, motivating, and a healthy sense of humor.

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  • Full time
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Application Process
Priests who would like to express their interest in participating in the discernment of the next Rector of St. Andrew-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, Nags Head NC in the Diocese of East Carolina need to complete the entire brief survey to be found at this link (this will take about 10 minutes):

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