Hollywood, FL
Type: Clergy
Posted Dec 11, 2017
Job Title
Name of church or organization
St. James-in-the-Hills Epsicopal Church
Job Location
Hollywood, FL
Job Description
We desire a Rector with a strong background in biblical and theological knowledge who is called not only to continue to lead us spiritually, but to deepen our relationship with the living God. Having an entrepreneurial spirit will be key to increasing our membership and furthering collaborative relationships with the community.

Lead and Encourage New Ideas
One of the intended changes in our parish as in our community is not merely the acceptance of all persons, but providing opportunities and encouragement for more members to serve in our various ministries. We recognize that while many at St. James are traditionally conservative, some are not and, therefore, we are divided on the issue of same sex unions. We seek a Rector who is nimble and open, with leadership and ministerial skills in conflict resolution that will help bring about positive change.

Support Our Youth
Our youth need a Rector who not only positively interacts with them, but also encourages them to continue the work of the Lord in our parish as well as in the community. We seek a Rector who relates well with the youth and will be involved on a consistent basis to support the development of youth-led ministries, allow them to be active participants within the worship service, including but not limited to the Acolyte Guild and foster the spiritual growth of our church school.

Encourage Stewardship
Stewardship involves communicating generosity in giving our time, talent, and treasure. St. James draws all three of these from its membership. The traditional concept of treasure is addressed throughout the year in a variety of ways with a special focus occurring in the Fall when pledge cards are distributed. Recognizing that there is always room for growth in this area, we welcome a Rector who has creative and exciting ways to assist our growth in stewardship.

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Send resume to:

Phil Cooke, Search Committee Chair.

Gail McShane, Office for Transitional Ministries,

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