Priest-in-Charge (Shared Ministry)

Ahoskie & Windsor, NC
Type: Clergy
Posted May 17, 2023
Job Title
Priest-in-Charge (Shared Ministry)
Name of church or organization
St. Thomas Ahoskie, St. Thomas Windsor, NC
Ahoskie & Windsor in Eastern North Carolina
Job Description
“The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” The same-named St. Thomas’ Episcopal Churches in Ahoskie and Windsor, North Carolina, respectively, are first and last alphabetically in the Diocese of East Carolina but sit close to each other and share many connections. They look to strengthen these connections by also sharing a Priest-in-Charge. The parishes are individual but complementary, and the members of each seek to continue their missions of service and outreach with a new, shared Priest.

Both Ahoskie and Windsor are lovely small towns set amidst agricultural fields, hunting, fishing, and resort opportunities. Both counties offer events and programs that emphasize local history, and Hertford County boasts both a private university and community college. Ahoskie and Windsor both have hospitals and clinics that provide excellent medical care.

The position will especially fit a priest who feels a call to shared ministry and/or enjoys the benefits of a small-town atmosphere with outdoor activities in a temperate climate of mild winters and lovely summers, as well as any clergy seeking friendly and supportive congregations.

Type of Commitment
Full Time
Does this job pay?
Application Process
The Priest-in-Charge will provide services for both churches and split time at both sites and in both communities. The Vestries will be flexible with the priest and each other to enable the priest to attend to pastoral emergencies and care as needed. Together, the two churches will provide a full-time compensation package, competitive in value and benefits. Although they do not intend to merge, the churches may join forces for outreach projects and/or events. Naturally, the Vestries of these two communities are actively involved in the leadership of the parishes; neither is a “the priest does everything” situation. They seek ordained leadership to walk them through the facets of their lives.

To apply please send Cover letter, OTM profile, and resume to the Rev. Cn Mollie Roberts,

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