Priest-in-Charge / Outreach Coordinator

Traverse City, MI
Type: Clergy
Posted Jul 14, 2021
Job Title
Priest-in-Charge / Outreach Coordinator
Name of church or organization
Northwest Michigan Ministry Development Co-op
Traverse City, MI
Job Description
Are you driven to help the church respond to the needs of today and tomorrow? 

Do you have a heart to love and to guide those who have been the church their whole lives in new directions?

If so the holy spirit may be calling you to “do something new” with us here in northwest Michigan.

We are building a two-church cooperative that provides for pastoral and outreach needs in two congregations, Grace, Traverse City and St. Paul’s, Elk Rapids. We will be intentional about our new priests’ professional growth, developing skills that are needed by the whole church. With skilled, attentive supervision and strong continuing education opportunities, we hope to provide just the right balance of freedom to grow and experiment and support to set you up for success.

Grace is a program-sized congregation in downtown Traverse City. You will spend half your time serving as our “Associate for Outreach & Mission” directing our outreach ministries, providing hands-on supervision and administration of our homeless day shelter and resource center, assistance to the food pantry, networking with area partners, volunteer recruitment, and developing clarity of mission, vision, and strategy with a new advisory board. You will be expected to preach and preside at Grace every other Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The other half of your time will be spent at St. Paul’s, a family-sized congregation nestled in a small town a bit up the coast from Traverse City. The curate will be St. Paul’s Priest-in-Charge, with an emphasis on development, sustainability, and refreshed engagement with the Elk Rapids community, loving us as we are and helping us explore who God may be calling us to be.

The person we are looking for…

Is creative, looking for and finding new ways to engage the community both inside and outside the church, approaching challenges with fresh, clear eyes and a playful spirit. Preaches with a variety of approaches to meet people where they are and bring them along.

Is self-aware, with a good natured understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, the ability to receive and integrate feedback, and a willingness to ask for help when needed. A person who understands the need for pastoral leadership that is non-anxious, self-differentiated, and present in the moment, and engages intentionally with self-reflection and self-care towards that goal.

Is motivated to build the kingdom through the instrument of parish ministry. We want someone who will bring passion and energy to this ministry portfolio and will be intentional about work life balance to keep their energy burning without burning out.

Thinks deeply about systems, mission, sustainability, and parish identity and how those things interplay with modern realities in ways that call for new visions, strategies, and best practices to be the Episcopal Church that God is calling us to become.

Cares deeply about the experience of those with whom they share ministry, carrying an authentic curiosity about and positive regard for all people, while modeling good boundaries and missional orientation as a leader.

Loves Jesus. Loving and serving God can look different in every person but we are seeking someone who demonstrates day-to-day that the Gospel is the organizing document of their life, and that discipleship is a lifelong process in which they actively participate.

Our goal is to give new clergy the opportunity to grow as leaders who make a difference in two diverse settings while supported by mentors and colleagues invested in how your gifts will grow and shape the future.

We will be interviewing candidates as they submit their packages and will close once we have filled the position.

Type of Commitment
Full Time
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Application Process
Please send a cover letter, resume, and a PDF of your OTM Portfolio to the Rev. James Perra at
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