Dayton, OH
Type: Clergy
Posted Jun 18, 2020
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Name of church or organization
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Job Location
Dayton, OH
Job Description
For 95 years, St Paul’s, Dayton has stood on top of the hill overlooking Dayton, Ohio, connecting the city to its southern suburbs. It has been a mainstay to the community as a place of worship throughout the entrepreneurial history of the region. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a community that worships God through Jesus Christ, loves and serves others in Christ’s name, and welcomes

all who seek the Holy. We seek a spiritual leader who shares our commitment to spirituality and its expression in the pulpit, our reverence for the liturgy and tradition of the Episcopal way as well as our parish traditions, and our desire to develop our faith and understanding through education, outreach and pastoral care.

What is St. Paul’s, Dayton looking for in a Priest-in-Charge?

  • Commitment to Spirituality. St. Paul’s seeks clergy in whom Christianity is a personal and living
  • thing, someone clearly and passionately on a journey with Christ; who has an active disciplined prayer life; and can help others find a deeper relationship with God.
  • Reverence for Liturgy and Tradition. Clergy will sensitively and collaboratively bring appropriate liturgical innovation while recognizing St. Paul’s traditional approach to forms and music. He or she will recognize that music is an integral part of our worship life.
  • Opportunity for Growth. Clergy should encourage and challenge us to commit our lives and time to the mission of the Church, including service to others. He or she will grow with us on through life and lead us into a future we can only dimly see but are working diligently to plan for.
  • Christian Formation. Clergy should provide energetic leadership in the development of Christian Formation programs for all ages. We believe strongly in the importance of education, in particular the education of our children, and we welcome opportunities for discourse and creative avenues for all to learn.
  • Clergy will preach with clarity, energy and strength, centering on Jesus Christ and the Holy Scripture, as it relates to our lives.
  • Pastoral Care. Clergy should be committed to provide counseling and comfort to those in need due to crisis or transition, as well as visiting the sick and elderly members of the parish. He or she will help us develop, appreciate and support our caring ministries.
  • Management Skills. Clergy should be able to coordinate and manage the many functions of a complex congregation, provide an administrative structure that is responsive to and in support of the needs of the parish, exercise executive skills in administering the staff, and respect and work collaboratively with lay leaders. He or she should be able to understand and oversee the finances of the parish and be a good steward of our historic church and property, including the ability to guide fundraising.
  • Leadership Skills. Clergy should have energy to effectively inspire, lead and empower the many programs of St. Paul’s, guiding lay leaders to achieve their goals. He or she should also model a style that encourages respectful and responsive collaboration with others. He or she should be willing to embark in servant leadership, unafraid to roll up his or her sleeves to serve alongside members of the parish.

This will be a full-time Priest-in-Charge position with benefits. Salary will be based on experience.

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Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and OTM Profile to Sherri Martin, Assistant Transitions Officer, at
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