Priest in Charge

Scotts Valley, CA
Type: Clergy
Posted Feb 6, 2020
Job Title
Priest in Charge
Name of church or organization
St. Philip the Apostle Episcopal Church
Job Location
Scotts Valley, CA
Job Description
St. Philip’s seek to call a priest who can share and shape the vision God has for this church to grow spiritually and numerically as well as be active in service to others. At St. Philip’s we have a financial challenge; prior to today, we have supported a full-time priest, but with the rising cost of health care and housing, we are unable to support a full-time priest at this time, thus we are seeking a half-time position. A primary goal is to grow the church so we can support a full-time priest without losing the loving community we have today. We desire our new priest to have the ability to provide the leadership and guidance needed to continue our current ministries and grow in new directions.

St. Philip’s church is calling a priest who is able to balance the needs of the existing congregation with the desire to grow the church into what God is calling St. Philip’s to become. The priest we seek will have a broad theological background and experience in ecumenism, able to respect and embrace the theological diversity that exists in the congregation, valuing as we do, that each member has something to offer. We seek a priest with creative ideas of how to reach out to hard-working families making the long commute over the hill to Silicon Valley every day. We seek a priest who can prioritize goals and build teams to achieve growth and ministry in the church. We need help from our priest to empower and equip the laity to complete the work of the church, serving Christ. Our priest’s leadership style will invite participation in the worship, educational and outreach ministry life of the church; motivate lay leadership to spearhead activities; and support parishioners to invest in one another and the Kingdom of God. We seek a person of faith and prayer who is ever growing in Christ and who can provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development for our members. The priest St. Philip’s seeks lives a life of spiritual growth reflected in spiritual practices, caring relationships to individuals and the parish, and concern for the community beyond. We want a priest who will foster an inclusive and child-friendly environment in all aspects of church life. We seek a priest who is willing to voice his/her own opinions while being flexible and willing to negotiate in controversial matters. Our preference is for a leader with an informal interpersonal style who is outgoing, socially engaging, a good listener, and approachable. A sense of humor is highly valued by our congregants! We seek a priest who can support what we are doing today while building for tomorrow and support the laity while challenging us to take up God’s good work among the redwoods of Scotts Valley.

Type of commitment
Part Time
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Application Process
Send a cover letter, resume and OTM Portfolio to Canon Brian Nordwick at: For more info, please email Brian or call him at: 831-394-4465
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