Organist/Choir Master (PT)

South Pittsburg, TN
Type: Lay
Posted Aug 3, 2018
Job Title
Organist/Choir Master
Name of church or organization
Christ Church Episcopal
Job Location
South Pittsburg, TN
Job Description
Christ Church Episcopal
South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Music is an integral part of the worship and life of Christ Church. The Organist/Choir Master exercises an important ministry that reaches out to the choir, congregation, and community. The Organist/Choir Master is an employee of the parish under the authority and leadership of the Rector.

The music ministry will involve the Organist/Choir Master [O/CM] as both an educator and musician of Christ Church. The O/CM’s leadership of the choir is to exemplify the Christian spirit and pastoral concern of this parish. As an educator, the O/CM will teach music and explain worship/liturgical concepts. As a musician, the O/CM will be diligent in preparation and performance, and will cooperate with others to provide and enable the highest possible standard of worship in this parish.

The Organist/Choir Master and the Rector agree to meet regularly to facilitate collegiality in the music ministry.

Organist/Choir Master’s Responsibilities
1. Meet quarterly (once every 3 months) with the Rector to plan music selection for the upcoming liturgical seasons.
2. Provide music selections (preferably in a typed document) to the Rector, Office Assistant, and choir in advance of Sunday bulletin preparation, and assist with proofing bulletin music.
3. Provide organ music and direct the choir at the 10:30am Sunday service.
4. Provide organ music at special services as needed (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Eve, etc., as agreed upon in quarterly planning meetings at the same rate as for a weekday rehearsal/Sunday service).
5. Rehearse the choir weekly (other than Sunday mornings) from September through Pentecost. (Approximately 40 weeks per year, at a rate of one rehearsal per week.)
6. Be responsible for the purchase of all music and music supplies, including royalty tracking and payments for special selections/events.
7. Maintain the music library in an orderly fashion.
8. Supervise maintenance, storage, and cleaning of choir robes.
9. Supervise tuning and maintenance of the organ and piano.

Type of commitment
  • Part time
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Application Process
Please send cover letter and resume to Christ Church Episcopal, Attn: the Rev. Kim Hobby, PO Box 347, South Pittsburg, TN 37380.