Organist/Choir Director (PT)

Maryville, TN
Type: Lay
Posted Oct 13, 2021
Job Title
Organist/Choir Director
Name of church or organization
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Maryville, TN
Job Description

St. Andrew’s is a stable, well-established parish with an open-minded congregation, ready to embrace new expressions of God’s enduring love.  Our parishioners come from diverse backgrounds and localities.  Some are native to Maryville, many from other areas of Tennessee and the US, drawn by career, family and the natural beauty of the area.  We are a parish who values music as an integral part of the liturgy, and we love to sing together as a congregation. We have a deep and abiding appreciation for our rich Anglican musical heritage, but we also enjoy a broad range of musical expression in worship. While the pandemic has limited us in some ways, it has brought new life and creativity in others. We’re looking to continue to grow in new directions with the help of an organist/choir director who has a mature faith, a gift for teaching, and a creative, collaborative spirit.

Type of Commitment
Part Time
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Application Process
For inquiries or to apply, contact the Rev. Amy Bradley ( Please send a cover letter, resume, and electronic recordings (one of organ and one of organ and choir).
Application Deadline
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