GreenRoots Community Organizing Fellow

Boston, MA
Type: Lay
Posted Jan 25, 2023
Job Title
GreenRoots Community Organizing Fellow
Name of church or organization
Life Together Community
Boston, MA
Job Description
Life Together

This position is available through the Life Together Community, a member program of Episcopal Service Corps. Life Together aims to awaken hearts, raise voices, build relationships, and act through the teachings and practices of love to change lives, communities, and the world. Life Together is a queer-affirming community committed to dismantling white supremacy culture in the Boston area by cultivating a generation of prayerful, prophetic, and impactful leaders for the church and the world. Fellows receive health Insurance, subsidized therapy, a transportation stipend or pass for public transportation, spiritual direction, mentoring, housing, internet, utilities and a $500 monthly stipend.


GreenRoots is a resident-led, grassroots, community-based organization with a track record spanning over twenty-five years of achieving significant environmental justice accomplishments and public health victories in Chelsea and East Boston, Massachusetts. GreenRoots’ mission is to achieve environmental justice and greater quality of life through collective action, unity, education and youth leadership across neighborhoods and communities.  While GreenRoots is focused hyper-locally on Chelsea and East Boston, our work positively impacts the region and the state.

Originally established as a members’ committee, we focused on saving and replacing park space taken by the construction of new schools on Chelsea’s largest parks.  However, our work quickly grew into more substantial and life-affecting environmental justice campaigns.  In 2016, GreenRoots spun off into an independent organization to further our goals of dismantling structures of oppression and racism that contribute to environmental injustice and worsened public health.  Now, close to 30 years later, Chelsea and East Boston have a strong movement of diverse, empowered and engaged residents who are fighting for healthier, cleaner, more just communities in which to live, work and play.

Job Description
GreenRoots is seeking a Community Organizing Fellow to support the work of GreenRoots’ team on environmental justice issues (including energy democracy, climate resilience, food justice, and transportation justice). The fellow will work with an internal team of folks to advance these projects with guidance from the Associative Executive Director, Director of Organizing, and Executive Director.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Provide support to the Organizing Team to expand capacity on new or existing projects;
  • Lead or develop short-term projects that increase community engagement with GreenRoots and support the organizational mission of environmental justice;
  • Conduct outreach to residents in impacted neighborhoods; disseminate information; build trust;
  • Represent the GreenRoots’ interests professionally with residents, utility companies, local businesses and organizations;
  • Maintain information log, tracking: community outreach; meetings attended; project updates; status of resident engagement, etc.;
  • Provide project information, where appropriate, on social media, in written media (both language outlets) and on radio Zumix;
  • Host community meetings, local events and info sessions where appropriate;
  • Provide bilingual flyers and contact information to closest and mostly likely to be impacted residents;
  • Provide other support as requested by the Associative Executive Director, Director of Organizing, and Executive Director.
Type of Commitment
Volunteer Fellowship (stipendiary)
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