Facilities Manager

Richmond, VA
Type: Lay
Posted Aug 7, 2018
Job Title
Facilities Manager
Name of church or organization
St. James’s Episcopal Church
Job Location
Richmond, VA
Job Description
The Facilities Manager is a full-time, lay staff member who reports to the Rector and is responsible for the maintenance, long-range planning, physical improvement, safety and technology of all church properties.

St. James’s Episcopal Church was constructed in 1912 in our current urban location. The campus consists of five buildings of varying ages encompassing multiple city blocks and approximately 80,000 interior square feet, as well as a multi-story parking structure and surface lot.

Management Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure the regular maintenance of all building systems and technological assets, and the architectural integrity of all structures, a balance of contracted and hands-on work.
• Ensure that comprehensive short- and long-term maintenance schedules are completed and updated as necessary to facilitate proper maintenance.
• Research, plan, and oversee special repair and improvement projects. Work closely with church leadership and committees to coordinate major capital and construction projects.
• Negotiate vendor contracts, including bidding routine purchases, repairs and projects. Regularly review formal maintenance contracts.
• Create and maintain lists of qualified vendors in each specialty to ensure competitive bidding and timely service. Regularly review relationships with contractors for quality of service.
• Maintain documentation of safety inspections, building alterations, building plans, maps, blueprints, documentation, warranties, permits, in both paper and digital archives.
• Assist the Rector and the Finance Director in creating and managing facilities budget, verifying all work is done properly and cost-effectively, preventing budget overruns, and ensuring good stewardship of funds. Assist in estimating long-range facilities planning and budgeting.
• Work closely and responsively with Junior Warden and lay groups, including but not limited to, Buildings & Grounds Strategic Committee, Endowment Committee, Safety Committee, Accessibility Committee, Stewards of the Earth Committee; as well as neighboring institutions.

Property Management Duties and Responsibilities 

• Schedule and manage outside contractors. Oversee all contracted work on facilities.
• Inspect all properties on a regular basis to ensure timely response to maintenance issues.
• Establish and implement preventative maintenance cycles for structures, systems and equipment.
• Manage the church’s facilities management software.
• Submit invoices, reports and purchase orders in a timely manner, closely managing budget.
• Work closely with Facilities Coordinator to assist in oversight of Sexton staff, to generally maintain facilities in best condition and manage onsite storage. Fill in for Facilities Coordinator when on leave.
• Ensure the safety of all who worship, work and visit church property by confirming proper working order of all fire, safety, and security equipment, including maintenance, inspections, and improvements. Work with fire, police and public safety officials regarding church property matters. Ensure all concerns and issues are reported promptly.
• Serve as first call for all emergency response. Respond to all emergencies in a prompt manner and see each through to fully resolved conclusion.

Systems Responsibilities

• Oversee operation and maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, lighting, elevators, electrical and sound systems.
• Oversee operation and maintenance of all security systems, including fire protection, alarm systems, electronic door locks, and physical key systems.
• Issue physical keys and security codes, maintaining accurate logs of each.
• Serve as primary audiovisual and network technology troubleshooter.
• Create and maintain an inventory of all church-owned equipment, including routine maintenance tasks and end-of-life planning.

Additional Responsibilities

• Coordinate parking and traffic flow as needed.
• Serve as on-site caretaker of tower chimes.
• Coordinate with staff and volunteers to ensure program event needs are met, and all who enter the property are safe and welcomed.
• Attend weekly and monthly staff meetings. Meet regularly with Rector and Junior Warden to ensure communication of facilities-related needs and proper management of budget.
• Assist in professional development of staff as related to facilities and safety issues.
• Provide information to the church’s property and casualty insurance brokers, the Junior Warden, the Finance Director and to the Rector to facilitate risk management decisions and proper insurance coverage.
• Other duties as assigned by Rector

Our Facilities Manager will be technically, operationally, and strategically oriented, and able to work and communicate effectively and cheerfully with others inside and outside the church, including clergy, staff, lay leaders, parishioners, vendors, and visitors. The Facilities Manager will have experience and familiarity with building systems, construction principles and budget management. The Manager must have the flexibility, strength and stamina to achieve all above-stated responsibilities.

The Manager will have an Associates or Bachelors Degree, or commensurate experience. 3-5 years experience in commercial real estate or property management of multi-building facilities is required. A successful candidate will be organized and able to multi-task, prioritize duties, solve practical problems, and think creatively.

Salary is commensurate with experience. Benefits, including life, health, dental, pension and disability insurance, are offered.

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Application Process
Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to jrwarden@doers.org.
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