Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Nashotah, WI
Type: Lay
Posted Nov 20, 2018
Job Title
Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Name of church or organization
Nashotah House
Job Location
Nashotah, WI
Job Description
Executive Vice President for Institutional AdvancementGENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES
Each Officer of Nashotah House is responsible for seeing that the following ends statement is fulfilled: Nashotah House exists to produce graduates rooted in the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism who are able to provide Christ-centered spiritual leadership at a cost financially sustainable to the institution.

The Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement (“EVP/IA”) shares the executive leadership of Nashotah House Theological Seminary (“the seminary”, or “the House”) with the President and Provost and is directly responsible for all matters external and oversees the seminary’s operations.

The EVP/IA provides the strategic executive leadership for Nashotah House’s constituency building and resource acquisition:

• to fund the seminary’s operation
• to build the seminary’s reputation, and
• to populate the seminary with well-qualified students.
• to operate the seminary in an efficient and effective manner.

Working collaboratively with the President and Provost, the EVP/IA will be the seminary’s public face. The EVP/IA represents the House to external constituents for the furtherance of Nashotah’s mission and articulates the House’s vision and plans in a winsome and inviting manner such that those who encounter Nashotah “may be ready to give and glad to distribute to our necessities.”

The EVP must be a person who is able to work under the authority of the Statutes, the Board of Directors, and the President; and must be a person who exemplifies the Christian values of love and forbearance. The EVP must be highly compatible with the President, operate transparently, and share – with the President – a common vision for the institution. The EVP will always convey an attitude of humility, service and professionalism in keeping with the high aspirations of Nashotah House Theological Seminary.

In all functions of this work, the EVP/IA shall abide by the Statutes of Nashotah House, and all policies and decisions of the Board of Directors. Each function outlined below is written with this principle in mind.

Strategic Leadership
1. The EVP/IA serves as the counterpart to the Provost in the strategic leadership of the seminary.
2. Forging and sharing a common vision with the Provost and the Board, the EVP/IA leads the seminary in its strategic initiatives to expand its constituencies, resources, and impact.

Constituency Building and Marketing
1. The EVP/IA identifies the key constituencies that Nashotah House is poised to serve and which will, in turn, support the seminary, in order to determine comprehensive and effective strategies for engendering increasing good will.
2. The EVP/IA leads the seminary’s strategic outreach to its alumni, both to support their ongoing ministries and to nurture their favor toward the mission of Nashotah House.
3. The EVP/IA is the chief public representative of the seminary (supplemented, as desired, by the Provost), traveling to meet constituents and to represent the seminary in public forums.
4. The EVP/IA will lead the team responsible for the seminary’s branding and public face, including the website, use of social media, print and promotional materials, advertising, and promotional events.

1. The EVP/IA is responsible to lead and execute a comprehensive strategy for the funding of the seminary. Including the following:
a. Development of Annual Fund(s), including individual, parish, and diocesan support.
b. Development of the Scholarship Fund(s) sufficient to fund scholarships to attract and retain prospective students.
c. The cultivation and solicitation of major gifts, both for targeted capital improvements and to grow the endowment.
d. The establishment of sustainable practices for planned giving and grant-writing.
2. The EVP/IA applies best practices as it concerns donor services and nurture, including expressions of gratitude, proper record-keeping, and database management.

Student Recruitment
1. In concert with the above strategic leadership, the EVP/IA directs and supports the seminary’s student recruitment efforts for all of its academic and continuing education programs.
2. Collaborating with Provost and Faculty, the EVP/IA has a full understanding of Nashotah House programs while also offering a feedback loop as it pertains to recruitment and marketing opportunities.

• The EVP/IA supervises the Vice President of Operations, the officer responsible for the seminary’s business functions and physical plant.

• A master’s degree either in theological studies or in a field cognate to responsibilities (e.g., MBA) is desirable
• A high level of initiative and perseverance
• 10+ years’ experience of demonstrated successful leadership
• Thorough familiarity with the world of North American and global Anglicanism
• Demonstrated experience and success in not-for-profit fundraising, both strategy and execution, preferably including development campaigns
• Excellent written, verbal, and public-speaking communication skills, and exceptional interpersonal skills
• Intelligence, maturity, and sound judgment, necessary for interacting with board members, executive officers, faculty and staff, major donors and prospects, and other constituents.
• Passionate accord with the vision and ethos of Nashotah House Theological Seminary
• If deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, ordination as a Bishop or Priest in an Anglican/Episcopal jurisdiction may be required

The EVP/IA is responsible for hiring and supervising a professional and efficient team responsible for the above-listed functions. The Vice-President of Operations reports directly to the EVP/IA.

Extensive travel is expected for this position, as are evenings and weekends for special events and attendance at conferences and other relational/fundraising opportunities.

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
Maintain emotional control under stress. Occasional prolonged and irregular hours.

Responsibilities and assigned activities may be added, reduced or changed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Application Process
Applicants should submit a cover letter explaining their interest in the position, a current curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to

Mary Johnson
Assistant to the President
Nashotah House Theological Seminary
2777 Mission Road
Nashotah, WI 53058

Documents received as email attachments are perfectly acceptable. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by December 31, 2018.

Application Deadline
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