Executive Director/Community Organizer (Mission Institute)

Boston, MA
Type: Clergy, Lay
Posted Jul 9, 2019
Job Title
Executive Director/Community Organizer
Name of church or organization
Mission Institute
Job Location
Boston, MA
Job Description
Executive Director/Community Organizer for the Mission Institute

The Mission Institute is committed to inspiring, catalyzing, and equipping people
to advance social and racial justice.

The Mission Institute joins the front lines in dismantling the white supremacy buried deep within ourselves, and within the institutional practices of our society and our churches. Our programs support congregations and groups in liberating themselves from racial inequities and building communities with the courage to confront the effects of white supremacy and racism within and around us. As an organization rooted in the Episcopal tradition, the Mission Institute is committed in a unique way to accompany churches and communities with white majorities.

We believe how we teach, learn, and work together directly shapes outcomes. We seek to advance personal and collective justice and healing through participatory learning processes/workshops, creating and curating resources, and nurturing a community of courageous leaders. We prioritize spirituality and are inspired by ritual, traditions, and theology as tools of justice work. We believe this work must recognize fun, joy, and passion as fruits of the Spirit.

Currently, the Mission Institute finds itself in a new and exciting time in its life. We are facing many transitions as we seek to grow our community, our funding, and our programming while becoming an independent, sustainable non-profit.

Therefore, we are looking for a visionary leader that builds and empowers communities to incarnate the vision and profound work of the Mission Institute. The next Executive Director/Community Organizer will possess the following commitments and values that are necessary in order to do the painful, uncomfortable, messy, and liberating work of racial justice:
-Has a lifelong commitment to interrogating and liberating themselves from internal and external racism
-Understands that white people have particular work to do in dismantling white supremacy
-Recognizes and understands that difficult emotions are a catalyst for healing and -liberation
-Understands that dismantling white supremacy involves mind, body, and soul, and is adept at moving communities through cultural blocks that privilege intellectual approaches
-Enjoys working with congregations and faith-based groups, especially within an Episcopal context

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  • Full time
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