Director, Music Ministries

Petoskey, MI
Type: Lay
Posted Jul 27, 2018
Job Title
Director, Music Ministries
Name of church or organization
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Job Location
Petoskey, MI
Job Description
Job Title: Director of Music Ministries

Reports to: Rector

Emmanuel Episcopal Church
1020 East Mitchell Street
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

Type of Commitment: Fulltime

Application Process: Email cover letter, resume (2-page max), audio files (optional) and three references to

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Application Deadline: September 4, 2018

About the Parish: In the summer of 1876, the first Bishop of the newly-formed Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan visited Petoskey and could find only one person who identified with the Episcopal tradition. In January of 1877, the first Episcopal service was held, using the building of the German Methodist Church. In August of 1877, the Bishop visited again, held a service in a hotel parlor, and the “Emmanuel Mission” was begun with fifteen members.
In 1888, Emmanuel bought property at the corner of Mitchell and Waikato Streets (where the Petoskey Library is now), and in 1890 moved into its own building.
In 1906, Emmanuel became a regular parish, though still with mission support from the Diocese. Our pews, the pulpit, and other furniture were bought about this time.
In 1945, Emmanuel became self-sustaining, without financial support from the Diocese.
By 1955, the parish had grown to two hundred members.
In December of 1957, Emmanuel purchased a home on three acres at 1020 East Mitchell from the John Family. The house was designed after a house EEC in England, and built of reinforced concrete, because the John Family owned the cement plant.
In January of 1958, the Vestry announced a building campaign: “It now becomes our privilege to build for the present and for the future an adequate physical structure to further the work of Christ’s Church among us.”
In the fall of 1961, the parish moved up the hill to our current site, and in 1962 added the sanctuary. The stained-glass windows were given as memorial gifts, notably in memory of The Reverend Dudley Burr, members of the John and Reycraft families, and author Ernest Hemingway.
In November 2005, The Reverend Gregory Brown was appointed the Rector of Emmanuel. Over the past several years, the congregation has grown in numbers and diversity.
Emmanuel Today: Emmanuel is a beautiful stone church in Petoskey, Michigan, a resort community on the shores of Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay. Residents enjoy year-round recreational opportunities. Currently our membership stands at 274 active members. Our church is made up of ten working bodies called Cell Groups where members work together to spread the Gospel within and beyond our church walls. Four different services meet the needs of members: Rites 1 and II, celebrated on Sunday mornings, and two smaller services during the week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Music Ministries Today: Music is a key part of how we worship and fulfill our mission as a church. It’s also one of the ways that we draw people deeper into this community of faith. Ours is a congregation that loves to sing. For those who want to contribute in a more formal way, we offer choirs for singers of all ages and abilities, from 6 years on up. Together, members of these groups provide music for hundreds of services throughout the year.
Bay View Musicians: Bay View is a summer Chautauqua in Petoskey affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Members of the summer music festival and school at Bay View come to provide special music for our services in July and August.
Youth Choir: Our children meet on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. to learn to raise their voices in song. The choir is open to all children in the greater Petoskey area, second grade through junior high. The choir sings occasionally for the 10:00 a.m. service through the school year.
Adult Choir: Adult Choir Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. The main ministry of the choir is in leading the hymns and service music and singing an anthem at the 10:00 a.m. service. Special services through the year include the Advent Service of Lessons and Carols before Christmas; Holy Week Services, Pentecost, All Saints Day, and major feasts of the year. The Adult Choir is open to all who love to sing.

About the Organ: One of the finest organs in northern Michigan, our pipe organ is a 25 rank (sets of pipes) instrument built by the Lauck Pipe Organ Company of Otsego, Michigan, installed in August of 2008. The instrument is a three manual (keyboards), French style terraced console, with pipework installed in two freestanding cases. Ten ranks of pipe work from the old Holloway organ were salvaged, re-worked, re-voiced, and installed in the new instrument in addition to fifteen ranks of new pipes, a Zimbelstern and chimes. The casework was designed to accent the rose window and frame in the 100-year-old reredos ornamental wood partition wall behind the altar. Equipment includes the Allen Smart Recorder and the Allen Ensemble, featuring 128 General MIDI Sounds and 94 Allen-Sampled Organ Stops. There are two grand pianos.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Provide a diversity of music, blending contemporary, reflective (i.e., Taize) and traditional music styles for two Sunday services, as well as additional liturgies including but not limited to Sunday evening contemporary services, major feast days (i.e., Christmas and Holy Week) and other major celebrations as determined by the Rector and parish worship leadership.
2. Instrumental and vocal talent within the parish will be utilized throughout the year to enrich and add variety to the worship services.
3. Meets with Adult and Children’s Choirs from September through May for weekly rehearsals, and actively recruits for these choirs, both within and outside the congregation. Assists in the pastoral care duties of the members.
4. Supports the Adult Choir in offering a service of Advent Lessons and Carols during the season of Advent.
5. Contacts, schedules, selects, and rehearses Bay View Music Conservatory students for Sunday music worship during the summer months.
6. Places the appropriate hymn numbers on the hymn boards for each service.
7. Serves as accompanist for choirs and soloists during worship services.
8. Works with area churches on joint worship services.
9. Meets with the family or wedding couples to plan music for parish funerals and weddings, in compliance with parish policies and fees adopted by Vestry and included in the Letter of Agreement. In the unlikely event that the Music Director is unavailable, he or she will assist in locating alternate music support.
10. Identifies appropriate substitutes on occasions when the Music Director is absent from parochial duties.
11. Serves as the EEC point of contact regarding musical events at the church.
12. Schedule, organize, and advertise concerts and musical offerings by outside groups.
13. Schedules routing maintenance, tuning and repair of all parish musical instruments, including the organ and pianos.
14. Keeps copyright license up-to-date, including music currently in use.
15. Prepares and presents a proposed annual music budget to the Vestry on or before October 15, purchases new music within the budget, and seeks advance Vestry approval of out-of-budget expenditures.
16. Communicates rehearsal times, event scheduling, and bulletin information to the Office Manager in a timely manner. Serves as the primary contact for persons who seek to use the church for private music lessons.
17. Attends regularly scheduled meetings with the Rector and works with the Rector and other staff to plan liturgy and attends other meetings for the conduct of the parish music program. Submits monthly articles for parish newsletter focused on the music program.
18. Subject to the canonical authority of the Rector, works cooperatively with the Rector, parish staff and other members of the congregation to further the work and mission of the parish in individual and corporate spiritual formation.
19. Complies with the Emmanuel Episcopal Church Employee Handbook, and treats those served in a professional manner, with dignity, compassion, civility, and respect. Shows respect to those served regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, socio-economic status, disability, or medical condition. Avoids any sort of abusive behavior, whether verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, or other.
20. Refrains from disclosing confidential or sensitive information about others obtained in the course of professional service, unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.

Future Success Factors:

1. Develop a vibrant Adult and Children’s Choir. Seeks out new choir members with a missionary zeal and encourages others to do the same. Doubles the size of the adult choir quickly. The choirs, including children’s and youth, give breath and voice to Emmanuel’s mission, and through a music education ministry, draws the congregation more deeply into worship. Recognizes the musical talents (vocal as well as instrumental) of our members and includes them in the service. Encourages choir members to develop their skills through enthusiasm and positive suggestions.

2. Team Player with Staff of Emmanuel. Attuned to Emmanuel’s “big picture” strategic goals and establishes musical activities and programs to support the mission of the church. Actively participates in regular staff meetings with the Rector and senior staff as a key church leader. Seeks frequent feedback from the Rector and other staff for performance improvement opportunities, demonstrates general teamwork skills. Communicates with staff members and the congregation in multiple ways, including the Harbinger and the webpage.

3. Visible Music Director in northern Michigan’s community of musicians. Builds a network in the musical community in ways that draw talent to the church’s music program, and through the music ministry, serves as a source of parish growth. Works with other churches on joint events and services. Promotes the use of our facilities and organ as a venue for a variety of musicians and musical performances. Includes Bay View faculty and students in our summer music worship.

4. Values Episcopal traditions and demonstrates knowledge of Episcopal music repertoire. Supports the Rector, parish staff, and members of the congregation to further the work and mission of the parish in both individual and corporate spiritual formation. Understands Episcopal liturgy, and the Anglican music that draws Episcopalians together, including The Hymnal of the Episcopal Church, music that reflects the diverse natures of the children of God, and new musical expressions in liturgy, keeping a balance of music familiar and unfamiliar to the congregation.

5. Approachable. Shows warmth and a sense of humor. Puts people at ease and connects with them. Demonstrates good speaking, listening, and writing skills. Deals effectively with differences.

6. Effective organizer. Reliable, punctual, and prepared for meetings, rehearsals, and services. Prepares self and others for musical performances. Clearly conveys objectives, expectations, and critical dates or deadlines to the choir, staff, and vestry. Prepares a proposed annual music budget for Vestry approval and manages budget expenditures within approved guidelines. Responsible for timely repair and maintenance of our instruments. Efficiently uses current music library.
7. Inspirational leader to the congregation. Rallies support to get things done and motivates others to perform their best. Applies pastoral sensitivity to interpersonal relationships. Looks for common ground and shared purpose among different groups within the church. Approaches the position as a ministry. Provides a positive emotional climate so that members are comfortable expressing themselves musically and willing to take risks to improve their musical skills.

8. Aspires to be part of the church family. Engages in church activities beyond a narrow scope of job duties. Participates with the congregation in social activities and seeks to connect with our members to form relationships. Serves as a role model of Christian values and ethical conduct. Uplifts others by his or her presence. Available for parish funerals and weddings, and to meet with family and wedding couples to plan service music responsive to their wishes.

9. Effective teacher. An active learner who encourages new ideas, experiments with novel approaches, and seizes new opportunities. Ability to educate and motivate others to improve their musical skills, and for non-musicians, to understand the important spiritual role of music in the church. Directs the choir with enthusiasm, a sense of humor, patience, structure, and discipline. The music director uses rehearsal time to educate choir members spiritually as well as musically. The Rector and Music Director develop a mutual learning relationship, where the Rector engages in musical study and the Music Director engages in theological and liturgical study. The Music Director can assess and teach musical skills to diverse learners, and has a background and experience using a variety of teaching methods.

10. Musical expertise. A track record of selecting, producing, and performing music in a church setting. Personal musical skills include: advanced level of piano and organ individual performance and accompaniment for both choirs and soloists during worship services and special services. Other musical skills include an understanding of compositional, instrumental, and performance techniques, and music theory. Has a working knowledge of vocal fundamentals and choral techniques, an ear for pitch and rhythm, and a knowledge of English diction as it applies to choral singing. Capable of planning, organizing, and delivering special musical event. Provides a diversity of music, blending contemporary, reflective, and traditional musical styles.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Demonstrated compliance with the American Guild of Organists Code of Ethics (2017) with respect to responsible conduct to those served, respect for professional colleagues and integrity in professional work.
2. Commitment to building up the Body of Christ through the ministry of music.
3. Ability to inspire and develop volunteer singers through choral direction.
4. Ability to recruit and incorporate new members into an established and growing choir.
5. Interest in teaching singing to both children and adults.
6. Confidence, aptitude, and ability as a church musician playing the organ and piano.
7. Familiarity with a wide range of Christian music, including the Episcopal canon or comparable experience as a church musician.
8. Experience in leading congregational song.
9. Experience playing for weddings and funerals.
10. Experience in building a network of musicians within a community.
11. Leadership experience in collaborating with a church staff to help members engage their gifts in service.
12. Demonstrated skilled communicator of all musical aspects of worship and its role within the liturgy.
13. At least 2-4 years of experience as organist or choir director.
14. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant area, or equivalent experience.

Does this job pay? Yes. Salary negotiable based on experience. Health, dental, retirement, and continuing education benefits plus parish facilities for practice, teaching and performance.

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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