Diocesan Bishop

Savannah, GA
Type: Clergy
Posted May 13, 2019
Job Title
Diocesan Bishop
Name of church or organization
Diocese of Georgia
Job Location
Savannah, GA
Job Description
• Be a person of prayer, both believing in and committed to the teaching of the historic creeds of the Christian church.
• Be an encourager of the clergy, colleague to clergy peers, mentor to less-experienced clergy and pastor to all.
• Be open to sharing the burdens of leadership with qualified lay and clergy leaders.
• Think outside the traditional method of clergy recruitment and retention and look for creative solutions that might include more part-time or bi-vocational clergy.
• Be steadfast in affirming and seeking to establish pay equity among clergy.
• Focus on building trust and fostering strong relationships among laity and clergy.
• Understand and seek creative ways to address the geographical challenges of our large diocese.
• Take responsibility for the financial health and transparency of the Diocese.
• Be a consensus builder, maintaining and strengthening our sense of common life and mission, while honoring the diversity among us.
Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Application Process
Visit https://www.georgiabishopsearch.org/nominations to submit your application.
Application Deadline
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