Cincinnati, OH
Type: Clergy
Posted Jan 5, 2021
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Christ Church Cathedral
Cincinnati, OH
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Christ Church Cathedral, located in Cincinnati, Ohio is currently seeking a Dean.

We desire a leader who will walk the path to the future with us to do the work Christ has given us to do. We seek a Dean who will lead our congregation to build on our strengths and improve those areas where we are challenged.

We want to seek Christ together in our sacred spaces, in our flourishing urban setting and in our service for others.

Our Dean must be:

  • A committed priest with compassion, humility and a deep faith.
  • Able to encourage us to grow in Christ on our personal and collective spiritual journey and help us make our beliefs meaningful and relevant.
  • An inspiring and articulate communicator. Someone who will relate to a guest at the 5000 Club with the same intention and compassion as to a political leader.
  • Grounded in the love of Christ and our Episcopal traditions, old and new.
  • Able to engage and guide our members, our staff, our diocese and our city leaders with open friendliness, skills in building relationships, a passion for social justice and the ability to unify in the name of Christ.
  • A leader who can guide us to live into what it means to be a cathedral. Someone who can help develop relationships and partnerships with our surrounding parishes.
  • Someone who understands and respects the complexities of our large endowments.
  • Someone who can inspire our congregation to attract new members, diverse in age, family makeup, race, socio-economic background, sexual identity and orientation, that reflects our urban neighborhood.
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