Curate/Associate Priest

Cincinnati, OH
Type: Clergy
Posted Jan 5, 2021
Job Title
Curate/Associate Priest
Name of church or organization
Calvary Episcopal Church
Cincinnati, OH
Job Description
Calvary Episcopal Church has incredible energy and vitality around the development of children and youth in the Episcopal Church with 25% of its membership under the age of 18. We are also actively invested in the work of outreach in our greater community.

The Curate shall play a full and active role in the nurture, education and development of children, youth, and adult lay leadership in the areas of youth ministry and outreach. The Curate will be under the mentorship and direction of the Rector, living into a full expression of the role of deacon and priest in parish life.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Worship Leadership
    1. Collaborates with the Rector and staff to assist in the leadership of worship and development of liturgies for the
    2. Preaches approximately once a month on Sundays, with other preaching and liturgical leadership
    3. Develops liturgies appropriate to program areas and general enhancement of the parish worship
  2. Youth Program Development
    1. Oversees the development of Youth Program Development, with an emphasis on Tweens (ages 9-12) and the development of an active Tween ministry at Calvary Church.
    2. The curate live into a vision of team-led, comprehensive Youth Ministry at Calvary Church, including a Sunday evening youth program led by non- parental lay volunteers and the clergy.
    3. Collaborates with the part-time staff Youth Minister to incorporate the current Sunday school (morning) Youth program (Montessori-based) into the overall picture for the Youth
    4. Develops discipleship programs for adults in collaboration with the clergy to the end of forming a strong lay leadership team for the youth of the parish.
    5. Develops a Confirmation program for teens aged 14 and older with an adult mentor
  3. Outreach Ministry Development
    1. Meets regularly with the Outreach Team to continue to develop the Outreach and Mission Vision of Calvary
    2. Discerns with the Outreach Team and carries out the the distribution of the Outreach Budget
    3. Develops relationships with our community and mission partners and encourages neighborhood collaboration and involvement in ministry at
    4. Regularly invites parishioners to join in the work of outreach with our community and mission
  4. Pastoral Care
    1. Provides pastoral care particularly as it relates to Calvary families and outreach leaders. Curate may be given the opportunity to participate in other aspects of pastoral care of the parish, as time allows.
  5. Mentorship with the Rector
    1. Meets weekly for supervision with the Rector, developing goals for ministry and participating in a Mutual Ministry Review at regular intervals.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Seminary-educated clergy with past  experience  in outreach and youth development and ministry.

Type of Commitment
Full Time
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Application Process
Please submit a resume with qualifications to the Rector: The Reverend Allison English at
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