Communications and Church Operations Director

Richmond, VA
Type: Lay
Posted Jul 9, 2019
Job Title
Communications and Church Operations Director
Name of church or organization
St. James’s Episcopal Church
Job Location
Richmond, VA
Job Description
Communications and Church Operations Director –
The Communications and Church Operations Director supports the mission of the church by leading the day-to-day business operations including Communications, Coordination of staff and volunteers, Finance & Control, Human Resources, and Administration. This critical role frees the clergy, especially the rector, to focus on mission and fulfilling Vision, including Community Building, Education, Pastoral Care, Worship and external relationships.

Position Title: Communications and Church Operations Director
Supported By: Rector and vestry
Supports: Administrative staff, Finance & Control staff, Volunteer coordinator
Internal Relationships: Facilities manager, facilities coordinator, clergy, Director of Stewardship, Education/Formation staff, Music staff, volunteers, ministry leaders, vestry
External Relationships: Vendors, outside independent contractors/resources (e.g.: possible communications and/or administrative resources)

1. Ensuring alignment of operations and communications staff activities around the mission
2. Ensuring timely and effective communications to the parish and outside audiences in support of parish programs, events and ongoing weekly activities, to include website and social media channels
3. Ensuring coordination of staff and volunteer activities
4. Ensuring adherence to budget for all staff departments
Expected Results/How Measured/KPI’s
1. Communications executed on-time and effectively
 Attendance at services and events
 Participation in ministries and volunteer roles
 # of newcomers identifying website as source of decision to visit
2. Grow capacity of staff – establish cross-trained admin pool
 Output versus hours and dollars
 Budget adherence
3. Development of Processes and Procedures
 Documented procedures and training manual for each department
 Recommend improvements in workflow, effectiveness of operations
4. Coordination and Team Productivity
 Annual goals of incumbent’s team are accomplished; annual goals of others in the organization are properly supported;
 360 feedback annually
5. Develop Volunteer and Volunteer Opportunities Tracking System
 Volunteer participation tracked
 Volunteer opportunities communicated effectively

Success Attributes Required

Knowledge and Experience
 Demonstrated success in marketing strategy development, message development and channel selection
 Thorough Technical knowledge with respect to digital media
 Demonstrated success in managing effective communications including website and social media as well as print, video, email.
 Demonstrated success in effective allocation of limited resources among multiple priorities and in managing conflict around resource allocation
 Demonstrated success in managing/executing:
o Social media campaigns
o Content marketing
o Data analytics and interpretation
o Branding (content and message integrity)
 Demonstrated success in leading staff and ensuring favorable resolution of team and/or individual people-related issues, to include maximizing the extent to which teams and individuals work with each other to achieve maximum organizational effectiveness
 Demonstrated success in meeting deadlines while managing multiple priorities
 Demonstrated success in budgeting
 Working knowledge of financial statements
 Working knowledge of financial controls
 Working knowledge of HR compliance

Communication Skills
 Excellent written communication skills
 Demonstrated success in communicating with clarity to diverse audiences, including staff, leadership, and public
 Demonstrated success

 Leadership Traits:
o Strategic thinking
o Clarity in communication
o Trust building
o Vulnerability
o Conflict comfort and resolution
o Commitment
o Accountability
o Encouragement
o Situational awareness
o Hiring and developing A-players

Love God – Love Neighbor – Love One Another
Our Values : We….
 Live lives of Integrity
 Seek God’s glory (not our own)
 Respect the dignity of every human being
 Show Gratitude (for the gifts that others bring to our community)
 Value diversity (not expecting everyone that comes to our church to be the same)
 Provide a warm, welcoming environment
 Do Justice
 Love Kindness
 Practice Humility
 Forgive one another

Ops Manual: Activities

Finance & Control
 Oversee controls and procedures for complying with sound accounting and reporting practices
 Oversee compliance with Church and regulatory requirements
 Manage contract compliance for outsourced staff functions

Human Resources
 Produce and update as necessary Scorecards for each staff position
 Ensure compliance with Church and regulatory requirements
 Manage benefits, compensation, performance reviews for Operations staff
 Manage recruiting, hiring and onboarding process for staff positions

 Attend and participate in Team Meetings
 Ensure staff alignment and communication

Admin Support
 Allocate admin resources
IT and electronic infrastructure
 Manage IT and infrastructure to ensure operational performance

Volunteer Coordination
 Develop and Manage tracking system (within ACS?) to provide members access to volunteer opportunities and to track participation

 Oversee and ensure website content maintenance (video, calendar, posts, blogs, etc.)
 Oversee and ensure eChimes published on schedule
 Oversee and ensure monthly email campaigns and social media posts are executed
 Oversee and ensure new addresses are added to mass email tool (currently ACS and Constant Contact)
 Oversee and ensure monthly black and white calendar is prepared as necessary for mailing
 Oversee and ensure production of Chimes newsletter (booklet) – Four editions, production cycles are February, May, August, November for distribution March 1 (Spring), June 1 (Summer), September 1 (Fall), December 1 (Winter).
 Oversee and ensure video (Boxcast) live streaming host service maintenance

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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