Cathedral Dean

Sacramento, CA
Type: Clergy
Posted Jul 11, 2019
Job Title
Cathedral Dean
Name of church or organization
Trinity Cathedral
Job Location
Sacramento, CA
Job Description
We are excited to join in a new partnership with a new dean, and invite you to discern your call as we move into the future with hope and joy. While we are clear that no one person can provide leadership in every area, we have considered some specific gifts and graces that we feel would rightly rest in the ministry of our new dean.
• We seek a gifted liturgist who will plan and lead worship using the best of our Anglican/Episcopal liturgies, with the knowledge and skill to appreciate and utilize a top-notch music program.
• The new dean will have a deep knowledge of the Episcopal Church, Christian doctrine, theology, Biblical studies, history, and the capacity to proclaim and teach the Christian way as a follower of Jesus Christ.
• We seek a dean with a pastor’s heart, who will guide us in continuing to serve our neighbors and community, and discern the best ways to respond to the needs of our surrounding community. We long to strengthen our pastoral response to our community and to ourselves.
• Our new dean will guide us in a process to re-imagine, update, build, and improve our current facilities so that we can minister to one another and our community.
• Our new dean will be an experienced and skilled administrator, able to oversee the proper staffing and support of the cathedral and able to access and implement resources to improve our financial stewardship through annual and capital campaigns.
• We long to understand ourselves more fully as a cathedral in this diocese, with a new bishop. Our new dean will have a history of positive working relationships with bishops and diocesan staff, and will be able to help us deepen our connection with the diocese and bishop’s office.
• Sacramento is a vibrant capitol city. Our new dean needs to have a proven track record of civic engagement and an ability to raise the profile of the cathedral within this context.
Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Application Process
To apply, please send your OTM profile, cover letter, resume not more than two pages, and a one page essay describing what is drawing you to this call at this time. Send all materials as PDF documents to: Michelle Karimi, Executive Staff Support, at
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