Diocese of Southern Ohio
Type: Clergy
Posted Jan 18, 2023
Job Title
Tenth Bishop of Southern Ohio
Name of church or organization
Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio
Cincinnati, OH
Job Description
The Diocese of Southern Ohio invites you into a season of prayerful discernment to answer this question: Are you called to be the Tenth Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio?

These pages are tools for prayer and data for meditation. The Diocese of Southern Ohio is at a crossroads and we are ready to sing a new song unto the Lord. Blessed with an abundance of both human and financial resources, we are confronted with the universal challenges of the decline in mainline congregations and the trauma of the global pandemic. As you may be aware, our previous bishop resigned due to alcoholism and ill health. Nonetheless, God is at work, Jesus is present, and the Holy Spirit is up to something throughout the diocese. We seek a Bishop to lead us as we participate in the work of the Spirit in Southern Ohio.

This is what we pray for, and we invite candidates to discern their desire to be with us in this ministry.

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Qualifications Required:

Qualifications have been set by the Standing Committee

  • Nominees’ names may be submitted either by self-nomination or with a recommendation for nomination supported by two clergy of the Diocese of Southern Ohio and two lay persons in good standing in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, or by members of the Nominating Committee who have proactively researched qualified candidates.
  • If the nominee is recovering from a substance use disorder or other addictive behavior, that nominee shall have had a minimum of five years of continuous sobriety and shall actively be working a program of recovery. Ten or more years of recovery is preferred.
  • All nominees for bishop should be able to answer heartily, truthfully, and faithfully The Examination in the ordination service for bishops found in the Book of Common Prayer (pages 517-518).
  • Nominees shall have been ordained priest for at least seven years at the time the nominations are announced.
  • Nominees shall give evidence of active ministry with more than one focus (e.g., parish ministry, diocesan administration, participation in wider church initiatives).
  • Nominees shall be priests or bishops in good standing in the Episcopal Church.
  • Nominees must be willing to adhere to the Constitution & Canons of our church and relevant General Convention resolutions. Specifically, nominees must be willing to ensure that all people are included fully in the church and its sacramental life without regard to “race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, marital or family status (including pregnancy or child care plans), sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disabilities or age” (Canon I.17.5).
Type of Commitment
full time
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Application Process
Please send the following to by midnight on February 28, 2023:
–Cover letter saying what about the Diocese of Southern Ohio compels you to enter into discernment with us.
–OTM Profile
–Resume or CV
–Answers to the following essay questions (limit 1000 words per question):How have you navigated a changing church in a changing world to enhance congregational vitality?

Describe a situation in which you needed to create a sense of shared interests and community among individuals or groups who felt disconnected from one another.

What is the role of the bishop in bringing a diocese together, and what gifts do you bring to the ministry of connection?

What is your theology of money? Tell us a story of exercising your leadership to move an institution into a more Jesus-centered, mission-oriented relationship with money.

In many ways, our region reflects the social inequalities (e.g. gender, education, health, housing, and race/ethnicity) that afflict our country as a whole. Please discuss ways in which you have had experience dealing with and supporting multicultural populations. What do you see as a bishop’s role in addressing and healing these disparities?

Application Deadline
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