Boise, ID
Type: Clergy
Posted Jul 21, 2021
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Diocese of Idaho
Boise, ID
Job Description
We seek, like any other search committee, a new Bishop who walks on water…side-by-side
with Jesus. Knowing this is impossible, we have limited our expectations to one who walks
with feet slightly under the water and follows Jesus.

We hope for one who is open, charismatic, approachable, non-dogmatic, friendly and a good listener. We really need one who is willing to drive long distances sometimes under adverse conditions. We need one who is comfortable with technology and has financial acumen. We need someone who understands rural, small churches and sees their value in their communities. We need someone who sees the gray hair in our congregants and can help us fill the pews with younger, energetic bodies. We want a new Bishop to see our church camp thrive and be a blessing to the entire diocese without causing a huge financial drain on the budget.

With the right leadership, we are ready to be transformed. We are ready to receive a clear
vision and make it happen. We are ready to communicate our love for each other and the
world. We are ready to greet our new Bishop with enthusiasm, dedication, and a desire to
follow our Bishop through the waters.

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Full Time
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Search Committee will review and ask for interviews in December 2021. Election will be in February 2022 with Consecration in June 2022.
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