Associate Rector for Pastoral Care, Outreach, and Parish Life

San Antonio, TX
Type: Clergy
Posted Sep 11, 2018
Job Title
Associate Rector for Pastoral Care, Outreach, and Parish Life
Name of church or organization
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Job Location
San Antonio, TX
Job Description
Open Position: Associate Rector for Pastoral Care, Outreach, and Parish Life

Parish Overview

St. Mark’s is a resource sized, downtown church in San Antonio, TX, committed to the Gospel, accountable to each other, loving Christ and making him known. We do this through our core vocation which is:

Feeding San Antonio with the Bread of Life
• Feeding the hungry with actual food
• Feeding those hungry for knowledge and meaning
• Feeding those hungry for beauty and creativity

St. Mark’s is known for the strength and beauty of our church. We are inclusive, hospitable, compassionate, and nurturing. We live an active faith by engaging in ministries, music, outreach, formation, small group gatherings, and more. Our church inspires affection and lasting commitment from us. Descendants of founding families are members today, carrying on a legacy of over 150 years. New members, even those new to town, are drawn by the beauty of our church. Members live in all parts of San Antonio and lead very different lives, but we are all committed to sharing Christ with one another and our neighbors. We do not always agree on social and political issues facing the national church and our country. But we are a parish that puts our differences aside to focus on what unites us: the mysteries of ministry and worship in Christ.

The past four years with congregational visioning have seen a renewed commitment to our core vocation with a special emphasis on:
• A continued commitment to outreach, especially to those who are in need in the city.
• A desire to expand our vision of outreach to include opportunities to more intentionally engage our new neighbors, including residents moving into the Broadway corridor, the Tobin Center, The St. Anthony, and Travis Park, as well as with local businesses, tourism, and other downtown faith communities.
• Finding ways to continue to support and expand our offerings to young families.
• Across the generations, a desire to know one another beyond the constraints of Sunday morning by engaging with one another in a variety of small groups, including fellowship, study, and reflection, is much desired.
• Continuing to care for one another in times of need

Position Description
This ordained clergy position serves at the pleasure of the Rector. In addition to sharing in the full liturgical and pastoral responsibilities of the parish, this position would have primary responsibility to:

• Ensuring a parish wide system for pastoral care including hospital visitation and those with longer term pastoral needs; coordinating with the Muller Medical trustees as needed to assist parishioners with financial need from medically related concerns; and developing strong lay ministry leaders to provide additional pastoral care, including Lay Eucharistic Visitors and Community of Hope.
• Develop and enhance our outreach to the poor by working with St. Mark’s members already involved in this aspect of parish life. Oversee and serve as staff liaison to the Outreach Grants committee in consultation with with the Rector.
• Work with non-profit organizations in the city where we already have a strong volunteer presence.
• Explore additional ministry opportunities in the city.
• Coordinate and assist in planning parish life activities.

Characteristics Desired in Applicant
The applicant for this position will have a strong commitment to joining a collegial and collaborative based staff. They will be creative, high energy, and a self starter. They will have a strong theological background and have a developed and committed spiritual life that supports their vocation. They will enjoy the challenge of a growing parish and the development of new and sustainable ministry models. They will have a systems based approach that understands the needs and requirements of a resource sized parish.

Inquiries should be directed to:
The Reverend Elizabeth C Knowlton, Rector.,

To apply, email Resume and Cover Letter to:
Rachel Dugger

The position is full-time and benefits and salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Type of commitment
Full time
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Application Process
Inquiries should be directed to:
The Reverend Elizabeth C Knowlton, Rector.,

To apply, email Resume and Cover Letter to:
Rachel Dugger

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