Associate Rector for Family Ministry

Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Type: Clergy
Posted Nov 24, 2021
Job Title
Associate Rector for Family Ministry
Name of church or organization
St Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Belvedere Tiburon, CA
Job Description
St Stephen’s Church, Belvedere, CA seeks a transitional deacon or ordained priest to serve as Associate Rector for Family Ministry, responsible for inspiring and working with adult volunteers to grow our ministry among families, assisting them in nurturing children of all ages in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. This full-time position includes a pension plan and a health benefit as well as a domicile which is our second Rectory, a two-bedroom condominium in Tiburon, CA.To apply, send a cover letter and a résumé to the Rector’s Executive Assistant, Elizabeth Gravely at Description | The Rector, the Rev’d Phillip Channing Ellsworth, Jr, seeks a faithful transitional deacon or priest gifted and passionate to lead adult volunteers in discipling children, young people, and their parents to know Christ and make Christ known to others. In support of and working with lay people, this person will work closely with and report directly to the Rector, taking her/his place as Celebrant and Preacher, in sacerdotal ministry, and will help plan, implement and lead a comprehensive Family Ministry program ministering to young families, one that combines Christian discipleship and serious fun in Christian Education (Sunday School), Youth Group meetings and ministry, Bible studies, mission trips, retreats, and outreach events. Salary and benefits based on experience and education.

Compensation for this position includes the use of our second rectory, a fully renovated 2-bedroom condominium with water views in Tiburon, CA, just 3 miles / 8 minutes from StStephen’s Church. [The pictures in the following were taken prior to the August ‘21 installation of new windows and patio sliding doors, and new carpeting [].

A Harry Potter note about Student (or Youth) Ministry

When attempts at youth ministry fail it’s often because they are not aspirational enough. They try to get young people to survive high school with some faith and values. St Stephen’s Family Ministry will aim higher than that. It will practice relational ministry; it will apprentice and equip young people to be “full-on” Christians; not just survivors of High School, but the type of believers that are going to themselves help their peers to survive high school. Using every means at hand in our rich Anglican tradition, we will practice ‘open teaching’ and encouragement to help people know that, with God’s help, they can practice ministry themselves rather than just be given head knowledge about it, things to read and whatnot.

In Harry Potter, Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwart’s School. The greatest and most powerful of the good magicians, he is a mentor to Harry Potter and his friends. Hogwart’s has been taken over by the government. Dumbledore has been deposed. The school no longer apprentices students in defense against the dark arts, but instead gives them books to read, and the results are dark and worrisome. Harry and Hermione and their friends, having been apprenticed by Dumbledore, realize that even in the Headmaster’s absence they can practice defense against the dark arts, that they can do more than survive, they can fight against the powers that would undo them and their community.

Type of Commitment
Full Time
Does this job pay?
Application Process
Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, résumé, and references, to the Rev’d Phillip Channing Ellsworth, Jr, Rector, by emailing his Executive Assistant, Elizabeth Gravely, at
Application Deadline